Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving to New Blog!

Hi Everyone-
I have had this prayer blog for 6 months. As a result, I have spent more time blogging and less time for spirituality. I have decided to have everyone just come over to my Whimsical Musings blog where I will be blogging...

I look forward to seeing you on my Whimsical Musings blog!!! (Just click the name and you will be directed there.)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Sunday to You All!

"Friends Week" continues as I introduce you to some
awesome friends you might have seen on here
before. All are amazing artists--and amazing
This is a gorgeous collage that June from the U.K.
just made for me with my precious Jamie!!! I was so
surprised!!! I absolutely love it!


This is a beautiful collage that
Faye recently created--isn't
it sublime? Faye is from the

Here is my friend June (also from the

June not only creates beautiful art
like this piece above, but she also
has her own online store where
she sells amazing images for altered

Cheryl's creativity comes to life on her blog that is
filled with numerous gorgeous projects--I can't
even pick a favorite! Cheryl is from the U.K. too!

Here is a gorgeous grunge tag from
Chris--I love the colors and rust
embellishments!! Chris is from

Now I'll let you in on a little "scoop!" These women
are a constant source of inspiration to me....and
what do I value most? Their friendship!! I can
write to them in the middle of the night and
if I've got a question or prayer request--or
anything--they are there for me.

How is it possible that God blessed me
with so many wonderful friends?

I am certain that so many of these fabulous ladies
have blessed your lives too!!!

If you'd like to meet them, just zip over to their
blogs....If you're pressed for time and would like
to leave a comment here, I'm sure they'd love
to come back and read them.

If you've missed any of my other "friends" stories,
just zip on down the page!

Wishing you all a Happy Sunday!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


This week, I wanted to introduce you to
some of my friends--you may know them...
you may not...but they're so fun and
full of life! This is Donnie...She is a
wonderful person--so full of fun!

Here a picture from her blog of a golf
cart--how adorable is this?

And Donnie and her husband Don always
visit such interesting places--I love seeing
what they've got planned next!

This is Kim and she is such a good friend--
we always email and chit-chat and have
fun...She has just become a designer
for 2 blogs--congratulations, Kim!

Here is a card that she made recently--
so pretty!!!

Donnie's blog is here!
Kim's blog is here!

I hope you will "stay tuned" to see who's
on next--I'm not going in any particular order...
I just thought you'd enjoy meeting new people
that I think are awesome!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Special Friends

Hi Everyone--
I hope you are enjoying "Friends" week here on my blog.
I'd like to introduce you to my friend Kathy from
Creative Home Expressions!

Kathy does interior design and has a
flair for the awesome!

How beautiful is this little nook in her house?
I love it!

And Sissie at Sissie's Shabby Cottage makes the
beautiful things! Including these pillows!

Her blog is gorgeous and she owns her own store too!!

My friend Tammy is a total world traveler!!! I'm
sure that many of you know and love her...
but, I wanted to feature her so you could
visit her blog.

Just look at her here--Isn't this amazing?
Tammy is at T's Daily Treasures and she's
so fun to know!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for visiting my blog and to these 3 friends for making 2010 so fun!

This is a fun week for me because I've been able to introduce you to some people who are very inspirational to me and I hope they will be to you too!!!


Smiles Galore!!

Who of us can't relate to the friendship of Lucy and Ethel? Remember all the shenanigans they got into? Well, as I continue "Friends" week to introduce you to some people, it would not be complete without my friends Donna and Linda.

I opened an Etsy store in October--Did I mention that I didn't have a clue what I was doing? Well, Donna and Linda were unbelievable with my 10 thousand questions and emails a day asking, "How on earth do I list this stuff?"

Donna made my "drama" much more fun as we have laughed our way through it all!!! She has been my anchor and confidante as I jumped in "feet first" into this new enterprise.

I talked to Linda non-stop who is the perfect mix of calm and confidence--She is my idol! And no matter what I asked, she walked me through everything...totally amazing!

And the best part? These are spirit-filled women with wisdom and joy...I value them greatly as I do ALL of you.

But, when I saw this picture of Lucy and Ethel, I thought of my antics and how I was like a proverbial "Lucy" asking these awesome friends for advice all along the way as I "set up shop" on a wing and a prayer.

That was only the beginning of friendships that were forged and I have to admit, I'm much more interested in how our lives are going, what we're busy doing, and the ins and outs of every day life. The fun and laughter and sharing is much more important to me!

Thank you, you guys--love and hugs to you both!

And thank you to everyone who is visiting and reading this...Also, if you'd like to read about my
birthday bash, please click here.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Awesome Friends!

I always looked forward to watching "Laverne
and Shirley." Who didn't? They were always
so fun!!!

And I have so many amazingly fun friends.
One is Carol from The Answer is Chocolate.

Carol not only creates beautiful art, but always
bakes amazing deserts as you can see here.

She is always so fun and inspiring to

And she refers to herself as "The Head
Chocolatier." How cute is that?

And while I'm busy being grateful for friends, One
Heart is my awesome friend who not only creates
art, but is amazing in the kitchen as well!

Here are some examples from her blog.

Doesn't this look delicious?

But more than that, these friends offer such inspiration,
encouragement, and joy!!! I hope you will go visit

Carol is here.
One Heart is here.

If you go, tell them I sent you!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to the "Meet and Greet"

Hi Everyone-

I would like to introduce you to 2 of my blogger
friends...Barbara and Sherry!

Barb creates amazing Gourd Art
that is in several art galleries!
(Yes, that apple is really a

And Sherry creates all kinds of amazing projects!

Here is a wall that she put beautiful wording on...
Don't you just love it?

Wishing you all wonderful friends and happy days
in the coming year!

Barbara's blog is here.
Sherry's blog is here.


Weekly Wisdom--Enjoy Your Friends

I would like to begin this year by sharing
the friendship and talent of a truly
wonderful friend of mine named

Lovey is a highly spiritual person from whom
I gain a great deal of strength...She makes me
believe in miracles.

In addition to being a wonderful person,
Lovey creates amazing fabric art...If you
want to have a real treat, just visit her

She has many fans all over the globe
who admire her work and has been
featured in numerous magazines...Why?
Because she is an amazing talent.

So, what is my weekly wisdom for this
week? Enjoy your friends throughout
the new year...They are a blessing!!
You can visit Lovey here.


Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Blessings!!

Hi Everyone~

I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and
a 2011 filled with blessings!! Thank you for being
an important part of my 2010~I feel so blessed
to know all of you and look forward to our
sharing in the new year ahead.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi Everyone~
I hope you are having a wonderful holiday

I just got great news...This "Sanctuary" piece
was chosen to be in an Etsy treasury--that
was a fun surprise!

If you would like to look at all the Sanctuary
pieces, you can click here.

Sending blessings your way,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little Christmas Message

Hi Everyone--
I just wanted to wish all of you the most wonderful
Christmas. You have all been such a blessing to
me in 2010.

I hope that you will all join me in prayer for people
who are sick, suffering from financial problems,
dealing with relationship issues or finding
themselves alone for the holidays.

I pray for safety for the people of California
experiencing severe storm conditions.

I wish everyone peace in their hearts and
joy in their souls.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. That's my little Maltese, Jamie!! Notice that our gifts are on a table behind me because I don't know if he'd try to open them if I leave them under the tree!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Wisdom--Enjoy the Holidays

Hi Everyone--
I hope that you all have a beautiful
Christmas...I just made this
digital art piece from vintage
graphics from the Graphics Fairy
and wanted to share it with you.

Wishing you Christmas blessings,
good health, and happiness during
this beautiful season.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Wisdom--Anything is Possible

As we approach Christmas and see all the beautiful lights and signs of hope everywhere, I am reminded that with love, anything is possible.

I think if many of us look back on our lives, there have probably been times when we wondered if things would ever change...Even when we didn't, we still kept our faith.

Maybe things didn't change in our timing, but they changed nonetheless.

I can always feel the changes coming during this time of year...a time when joy and giving come to the forefront...a time of remembering those we love...a time of planning surprises just to see the joy on someone else's face...

I'm like a little kid at this time of year...what about you?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Surprise

Hi Everyone--
Today I would like to share the work of Marfi from Incipient Wings...But why? Not only because I love her work and she is a wonderful friend, but also because it is her birthday on Friday! Happy Birthday, Marfi!

And there's something else I would like to share with you...Marfi has been making adorable toys and leaving them in various places to be "found" as Christmas precious is that? If you'd like to see some of them, they are at her blog here. I think this is so inspiring that she has decided to do this for the holidays.

I am linking this to Fearless Fridays and Spiritual Sunday.


Holiday Decorating--Homes filled with love

Hi Everyone~
The other day, I showed you pictures of my friend
Sharon's fireplace, but I didn't put the photo in
that is a close-up, so I wanted to post it today.
Isn't this beautiful?

Sharon's artistic nature is seen throughout her entire
house--and oh, do I love Christmas decorating!!

My friend Donna just got her tree
decorated~Aren't these just the
most lovely pictures?

Donna is so creative...She made garlands,
wreaths, and everything so beautiful
for the holidays...They're in her Etsy
store and on her blog.

I love all the creativity that so many people share in the blogging world. It is such an inspiration. And now, during the holidays, it has even more meaning when we contemplate the source of creativity.

When I am in the midst of my own creativity, I feel "at one" with Our Creator....I feel fully involved in "the dance" of life as colors and textures swirl in front of me.

It is a blessing to be able to express ourselves, whether it is through art, music, photography--whatever our outlet is.

I have been doubly blessed by so many of you who share your talents--and friendship--and prayers. You lift me up.

I hope that these pictures "lift you up" today as you enjoy the holidays
and all the preparations.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Up-Coming Blog Event!

A little birdie told me that this Thursday will be “Christmas in Dreamland” on my Whimsical Musings blog...Be all set for a Southern Christmas with all kinds of crafting goodness, including tutorials to make a last-minute gift. You won’t want to miss it because it will be lots of fun--and invite your friends because I’m sure they’d love it too!



Monday, December 6, 2010

Gifts Made from the Heart!

Hi Everyone--
I have created some pieces for the holiday season--
one is for a "Christmas Day" giveaway (garland
pictured above) and the others are in my Etsy shop.

Yesterday I received the biggest surprise in the mail.
It was an adorable wallet from my friend Donnie and
her husband. It was made by a woman named Teresa.
She sells all kinds of handmade goodness in her Etsy shop
and every piece was created to help us organize
our purses! Thank you so much, Don and Donnie!

If you would like to visit Teresa's shop, it is here.

My friend Linda has simply gorgeous
items in her shop too! Here are 2 of her
handcrafted Christmas stockings. Not
only does she sew them, she is an expert
at calligraphy too. Her work is
spectacular and as you can see, her
stockings tell a story...Wouldn't
anyone just love these?

Her stockings are items that can be treasured for years to
come! To reach Linda's blog, click here. The link to
her Etsy store is on her right side bar. Once there,
you can read about these in detail.

And I just couldn't pass up the chance to show you this
amazing mantel transformation by Sharon. Isn't
it awesome?

(If you remember, Sharon is the artist who paints the
incredible portraits I shared a few days ago, but her talent
spreads throughout her entire house!) To reach Sharon's blog,
just go here. Sharon has an Etsy shop too and I
know you'd love browsing through it. It's called
"Sweetie Pies" and it's on her right side bar.

I think of what this season means and how Christmas holds
so many memories for all of us. What better way to say
"Merry Christmas" than with pieces that were made
by some very special women whose love goes into
each stitch or drop of glue?