Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Awesome Friends!

I always looked forward to watching "Laverne
and Shirley." Who didn't? They were always
so fun!!!

And I have so many amazingly fun friends.
One is Carol from The Answer is Chocolate.

Carol not only creates beautiful art, but always
bakes amazing deserts as you can see here.

She is always so fun and inspiring to

And she refers to herself as "The Head
Chocolatier." How cute is that?

And while I'm busy being grateful for friends, One
Heart is my awesome friend who not only creates
art, but is amazing in the kitchen as well!

Here are some examples from her blog.

Doesn't this look delicious?

But more than that, these friends offer such inspiration,
encouragement, and joy!!! I hope you will go visit

Carol is here.
One Heart is here.

If you go, tell them I sent you!


  1. Mmmmm....makes my mouth water...

  2. Ok, my mouth is watering, too! That is just so nice of you to feature these talented ladies!

  3. Oh Cindy HUGS. You are such a special and giving soul. You are a treasure. I'm so honored that you'd include me.

  4. Ditto I love Laverne and Shirley ..I must admit I have the DVDs all 4 seasons ..and I watch one each night before I go off to sleepy land ..

    They make me feel good with all their funny antics ...and such great memories from when I was little.

    Those desserts and food are positively yummy looking and I'm sure tasting too !!!

    What sweet friends you have !

    blessings ..Sara

  5. Oh Cindy, you warm my heart so. I'm so glad we met last year. I loved Laverne and Shirley too. Sigh...you brought back good memories. I love you dear friend. I do. I wish we could all get together and have a huge slumber party. You tell Carol to bring some of those amazing chocolates. Okay, now I'm hungry. ;)


  6. Such a "sweet" post, Cindy...blogging friends are the best!

  7. I loved that show and you are making me hungry.....Have a great day. Hugs, Kim