Thursday, January 6, 2011

Smiles Galore!!

Who of us can't relate to the friendship of Lucy and Ethel? Remember all the shenanigans they got into? Well, as I continue "Friends" week to introduce you to some people, it would not be complete without my friends Donna and Linda.

I opened an Etsy store in October--Did I mention that I didn't have a clue what I was doing? Well, Donna and Linda were unbelievable with my 10 thousand questions and emails a day asking, "How on earth do I list this stuff?"

Donna made my "drama" much more fun as we have laughed our way through it all!!! She has been my anchor and confidante as I jumped in "feet first" into this new enterprise.

I talked to Linda non-stop who is the perfect mix of calm and confidence--She is my idol! And no matter what I asked, she walked me through everything...totally amazing!

And the best part? These are spirit-filled women with wisdom and joy...I value them greatly as I do ALL of you.

But, when I saw this picture of Lucy and Ethel, I thought of my antics and how I was like a proverbial "Lucy" asking these awesome friends for advice all along the way as I "set up shop" on a wing and a prayer.

That was only the beginning of friendships that were forged and I have to admit, I'm much more interested in how our lives are going, what we're busy doing, and the ins and outs of every day life. The fun and laughter and sharing is much more important to me!

Thank you, you guys--love and hugs to you both!

And thank you to everyone who is visiting and reading this...Also, if you'd like to read about my
birthday bash, please click here.



  1. Happy Birthday!
    Have a great day. I think of seasons of friends and relationships and I dont want our season to be over. I will come by more often. Got a little busy with the DT. Hugs my friend, Kim

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Looks like you had a wonderful day. That cake looks so yummy.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday.....I hope you are blessed beyond measure......

    Yes, friends are wonderful and definitely gifts from God.....Can't image life without our girlfriends......


  4. What great friends you found Cindy!

    Hugs XX

  5. Awww, you made my day, Cindy! Thanks so much for the wonderful post! It has been a joy getting to know you and work with you! And Linda is a real gem, too! So glad that I met you both! Thanks again for the great post, you are a real sweetheart!!!!!

  6. Aw, I'm going to cry...I'm so glad we're all friends, too! What a sweetie you are, Cindy...
    A BIG XO to you!

  7. Oh, how lucky you are to have such great friends. I don't know Donna, but I know Linda is a wonderful and friendly person :)

  8. I am enjoying reading about your friends, Cindy. I suspect you are a friend magnet.