Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Sunday to You All!

"Friends Week" continues as I introduce you to some
awesome friends you might have seen on here
before. All are amazing artists--and amazing
This is a gorgeous collage that June from the U.K.
just made for me with my precious Jamie!!! I was so
surprised!!! I absolutely love it!


This is a beautiful collage that
Faye recently created--isn't
it sublime? Faye is from the

Here is my friend June (also from the

June not only creates beautiful art
like this piece above, but she also
has her own online store where
she sells amazing images for altered

Cheryl's creativity comes to life on her blog that is
filled with numerous gorgeous projects--I can't
even pick a favorite! Cheryl is from the U.K. too!

Here is a gorgeous grunge tag from
Chris--I love the colors and rust
embellishments!! Chris is from

Now I'll let you in on a little "scoop!" These women
are a constant source of inspiration to me....and
what do I value most? Their friendship!! I can
write to them in the middle of the night and
if I've got a question or prayer request--or
anything--they are there for me.

How is it possible that God blessed me
with so many wonderful friends?

I am certain that so many of these fabulous ladies
have blessed your lives too!!!

If you'd like to meet them, just zip over to their
blogs....If you're pressed for time and would like
to leave a comment here, I'm sure they'd love
to come back and read them.

If you've missed any of my other "friends" stories,
just zip on down the page!

Wishing you all a Happy Sunday!!


  1. Cindy, Your friends are awesome and creative, just like you :) :) Thanks for mentioning something about them :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. What a wonderful group of talented ladies! How lucky you are to have them as friends:) I love the collage that June created for you, how thoughtful!!

  3. Cindy, aren't you sweet! I can tell you that you have so many wonderful friends because you reap what you sow.
    Big Hugs, Chris xo

  4. Happy Sunday to you Cindy and to all the talented ladies you featured today. The collage of you and Jamie is wonderful. I'm going to go visit some of the ladies now.

  5. Bless you dear Cindy, I am honoured to call you friend! Always a pleasure to be able to make something just for you
    Love and Hugs
    June xxx

  6. oh cindy hun,I am honoured to be your friend,as not only are you super talented,but you are one of the nicest,most kindest people in blog land,and I am the lucky one,to have you by my side,you really are so special hun,and bless your heart,love massive hugs,cherylx

  7. Hi Cindy, thank you so much for for making me feel special. You touch the hearts of so many of us with your wonderful caring nature and friendship. Your friendship is one of the most precious gifts i recieved in 2010 and may it long continue. I also know and love most of your other friends and they are all warm,caring wonderful ladies.I think that blogland is a goldmine of beautiful people don't you?
    Hugs June xxx

  8. All terrific people don't you just love them and their art. Annette x

  9. You have some truly talented friends, going to take a look at their blogs.
    By the way, they have a wonderful friend in you !

  10. some familiar faces here, happy to count them as blog friends too!

  11. Wow how WONDERFUL this is Sis,,what a GREAT way to share !!!! Haven't been her for a while so I'm here to say hey atcha and...May you continue to feel the best blessing's of His presence Sis~~~Love and HUgs Dena

  12. Cindy, Awesome friends and awesome art. I'll be visiting their blogs. Still sick but getting better. :)
    xo, Karen

  13. Cindy, you are so precious! What an honor to be one of your featured friends today! I know your family had a serious health event back in the fall, or maybe late summer, and God often reminds me to pray for you all.

  14. These are GREAT!!! Thanks for telling us all about these women. Some of which I know already and yes all their art is FANTASTIC!!!


  15. Hi Cindy, You are all very talented.. And when I look at what you do, I see beautiful minds full of goodness. Sweet blessings are blown your way today. xxxxx

  16. These are great art works.Professionally done.Plz do pass by my blog on freeing your mind, follow and comment to improve my works too.Thanks.