Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finding Your Quiet Place

I recently made these pink tags and I wanted to "send you roses" via this blog and wish you a wonderful Sunday, friends!!! You are all so dear and I'm happy to know you.

I'd also like to introduce you to a new artist, Carola, and here is a sample of her beautiful photography.

Guest Artist: Carola
Blog Address:

A thought came to me last night that I'd like to share with you....Since starting this blog, I have made time to pray for so many people. I know that so many of you do too. (It was YOUR prayers that held me up a couple of weeks ago when so much transpired here!)

But, the thought that came to me last night is quite remarkable. I thought you would like to ponder it and I think this picture expresses it so well too. What if when we pray for others, unbeknownst to us, we are being blessed too? I mean, what if we go to that quiet place inside to commune with God and then as we are praying for others He is blessing us? It is possible although I have never read about it anywhere in all my reading.

I thought that was a powerful thought to contemplate. Carola, I thank you for this beautiful photograph that reminds us of the peace attained when we go to that personal "quiet place." You have blessed us with your talent and I am very grateful.

Friends, I would love to hear your take on this and what you feel about it and what your experiences have been regarding it too.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayers Needed, Please!

Hi Everyone,
I just saw a post from my dear friend June in England...Her husband is ill and needs our prayers...I am asking for a healing for him and I ask you to join me in this prayerful effort. I appreciate it more than words can say. June's blog is


Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayerful Tuesday

Guest Artist: Jacqueline

Hi Everyone:

I was entered into an art challenge last week and I went blog hopping when I saw this beautiful tag! I wrote to the artist, Jacqueline, and asked if she would be a guest on here and she said "yes." I was so happy! But, there's more to this story...Jacqueline and her husband are in the ministry in France...I was so moved. I couldn't wait to show you her beautiful work.

My husband and I have a friend named Jack who is going in for surgery Tuesday...It is hip replacement surgery and I am asking for your prayers for him as he really is in need of them. I thank you so much for joining me in prayer for this wonderful man.

And thank you Jacqueline for reminding us to pray...We are blessed by your talent.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Message Monday

Guest Artist: Cheryl

I would like to introduce you to our guest artist for today, my friend Cheryl who does amazing work. This is one of her journals...The detail and messages are beautiful.

I couldn’t help but think that they contained the words for 2 things we all need dearly--”faith” and “love.” But, sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t give them as much attention as we need to...So, this week, I am asking for each of you to contemplate on what those mean in your life...

Isn’t it easy to have faith when all is going great? Isn’t it simple to take love for granted? Let this be a week when you say “I love you” just one extra time (or more!) to those who touch your lives. I’ll do it too!

Thank you Cheryl, for this lovely art and for the special reminder to make these words to live by.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Special Moments

Guest Artist: Gail

Blog: Shabby Cottage Studio

I would like to introduce you to a very special artist named Gail. She created this journal cover and I was sure that you would all love to see it! I think it is so beautiful and it also goes with my theme for today--”Moments.” Isn't it just the most gorgeous vintage-style piece?

For our little “question” today, I would like to ask you about a special moment that you had in the last year and share it with us in “comments.” You are more than welcome to come back and see what others have written too. (I’m sure these will be very special.)

Now, I’d like to share my story about a very special moment. This past Mother’s Day, my daughter took me to an exquisite restaurant in Atlanta where she lives. It is at the site of a large park and has a beautiful gazebo and a duck is breathtaking. This is a picture of Jenny outside the restaurant!

I am linking this up to Spiritual Sundays and want to wish you all a wonderful and blessed weekend...What will I be doing? I will be visiting with Jenny--I can’t wait! So, when you don’t see me on here, you’ll know what I’m busy doing!

Also, I hope you will visit Gail and say "hi" as I know she'd love to hear from you personally. I really appreciate the artists who share their time and talent to inspire us all. And I have a special request...Gail's father was recently ill and needs our prayers...could you please pray for him? I would really appreciate it so much.

One more thing--I just received an email that a wonderful friend named Lynn is in the hospital with a medical emergency--please pray for her. She is a loving person with the biggest heart!

I am also linking this up to Way of Worship!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Guest Artist

Guest Artist: Jill

When I saw this picture of Jill’s, I thought it was gorgeous! I asked if she was willing to be a guest artist on here. She said, “Yes” and I thought, “Terrific!”

I saw that this was about “Night,” but also noticed the brightness that surrounded it. I realized that sometimes when we are going through dark times, moments when things seem unsure, there is the Lord’s bright caring light that surrounds us and His Word helps us find our way.

Jill, thank you for that reminder and for creating a beautiful piece that is an amazing example of how hope and faith change our lives.

If you get a chance, I hope you will stop over and visit Jill's blog.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Cherries!

It’s So “Cherry” Fun!

Rednesday day is in full swing and I made this tag with
a wonderful design from June at Dezinaworld--thank you June!!!

I added a graphic from the Graphics Fairy--thanks Karen!

And voila, here is a tag that you can all copy!

You can run it off on cardstock and decorate it any way you like! (I posted mine first to give you an example.)

This was made to remind you that I hope “Every day is coming up cherries” for all of you as you count the Lord’s blessings and enjoy life to the fullest!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Please Take a Look!

Guest Artist: Sherry

Even if you went to my other blog today, I hope you will read what I have to say about Sherry's awesome luggage...

It made me think that when someone gets ready for a trip, they pick all their nicest clothes, plan their itinerary, and with a happy heart, go ahead with their vacation....I think that life should be the same way. We can wake up every day anticipating something new, putting our best foot forward, greet everyone as if we are tourists with a sense of adventure, and we'd be surprised how each day will seem different and more exciting. The best part? We don't even have to leave home to do it! I'm going to give it a 'bout you?

Also, Sherry is in a contest and if you would like to vote for her adorable vintage luggage, just click on her name up above and it will take you to her blog...

Thanks! And have a blessed day!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday Message--Blessings of Fall

Hi Everyone--
My Message Monday is meant for everyone who loves a change of seasons...after all, isn't change part of life? This time of year reminds me
of apple cider and making a fall wreath for my front door. It is so filled with fun and wonder.

This week, I invite you to look at all the things that you enjoy about this season. Feel free to share them in your comments. I wish you a blessed week!

Pam of Finding Pam is the winner of my ATC--congratulations Pam!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Drawing, a Gift, and a Question

These are Bible tags that I made as a surprise for Ginger and
Charlotte and Clif of Spiritual Sundays.

I have also made a new ATC called “We Are Blessed” and if you leave
me a note here, I will put all of the names in a drawing and pick one
on Sunday night and announce the winner...

And one more thing...I have decided to try something new...Rather than making it so difficult to link up your blog, I will pose a question and just
answer it on here...easy, right? Well, here goes...

Who is ONE person you personally know who has inspired you
so much in your life and why?

Can't wait to see your answer in the "comments!"

Also, I want you to know that my husband is on the mend and I am so grateful for all of your prayers...they mean so much to me.

(I am linking this post up to Spiritual Sundays.)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning to Listen

Guest Artist: Donna

Hi Everyone:

I couldn’t wait to show you these pictures of Donna’s...She does so many creative things...I never know what she will come up with next!

These shells got me to remembering when I was a kid and would go to the beach, pick up a shell, and listen to the sea in it...I thought it was God’s wonderful gift!

I think that is an awesome example for us to think of when we pray....You see, often prayer is like holding the shell up to our ears...Next, we need to listen and see what God wants us to do...

Whenever you are faced with one of life’s important questions, just remember these pictures of Donna’s shells and you will be reminded of how we need to listen after we have prayed.

Also, if you would like to go visit Donna to thank her for her inspiration, just click on her blog address up above!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Being Thankful!

This “Rednesday," I made a little Bible tag to remind all of us to be grateful for our blessings. They can be big or doesn’t matter.

When I first saw the image of this little girl with the box of candy in her hand that says “Candy Kisses,” I thought of her telling God how grateful she is for all her blessings.

Care to join her?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Guest Artist: Joyce

Hi Everyone--

I would like to introduce you to Joyce...First, she is wonderful. And second, she has been making teddy bears for over 20 years!

So, you may wonder what special message might be contained within the picture of a teddy bear...I will tell you what it is: Part of the purpose of life is to have JOY and FUN.

It’s wonderful to giggle with a friend over a cup of hot chocolate, enjoy the rustle of fall leaves under our feet, play a game of tag with the wind at the beach--those are all intrinsic parts of the wonder of life.

I thought that this picture would help you get in touch with “the child within.” In fact, have you ever noticed sometimes how on spiritual blogs (including my own) sometimes things sound SO serious? Well, I have! And life is serious, but it has special, whimsical moments too.

Joyce, thank you for reminding us of that whimsy and inviting us to enjoy all the special and light moments that come our way.

One more thing I need to ask: For those "prayer warriors" out there, please pray for a man named Al who just had a heart attack and needs our prayers...thank you so much.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monday Message--"What Do You Believe In?"

Guest Artist: Sherry

When I saw this beautiful tag created by our guest artist, Sherry, I knew that I wanted to feature it on this blog. The reason? Because it holds such a message of hope.

When you think of all the things that each of us believes in, it is quite mind-boggling. For instance, we may believe that it’s important show kindness toward others. We may believe that it is important to get to work on time. We may believe that honesty is an all-important quality to possess.

You see, it is our thoughts and what we believe in that shape how we live our lives. When I saw the word on Sherry’s tag, I immediately thought of hope in the future and to believe in possibilities. For each of us it is different. It becomes a prompt, so to speak, on which we can project whatever we feel. It is an exercise in values.

What do you believe in? Try to contemplate on that and assess how it plays out in your life on a daily basis.

One more thing: On Friday, I will pose a question to you...If you want to play along, all you need to do is answer it on here--no need to link anything up...pretty easy, don't you think? And you're also welcome to come back and make comments on anything you read too.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Way of Worship

Hi Everyone,

Today my friend One Heart is having a blog party and has asked that everyone post a song, a photo, a poem, art, a prayer--whatever they would like that glorifies God on their blog. So, I have decided to write a poem and it is dedicated to all of you. As many of you know, my husband just went through heart surgery and he and I both have been lifted up by your prayers...Thank you all so much. I ask for your continued prayers as we go through this time. I love you all.

If you would like to link something up for One Heart's Link Party, I'm sure she'd be thrilled!!!

Father in Heaven
I come to you in prayer
thanking you for blessings
you've made abundantly clear.

One need only open their eyes
to see the splendor of your ways
in my heart and home
there is nothing, Lord, but praise.

Thank you for the miracles
and friends you've brought my way
they have come in my lowest hours
and brightened the darkest days.

You know each one of them by name
and realize they mean the world to me
please help me express with deepest joy
my appreciation and sincerity.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Operation: Healthy Husband

Hi Everyone:

I know that you have followed my journey of the past few days and I could not have gotten this far without you and your prayers lifting up my husband and me. So, I thought I would give you an update about how things are going with my new regimen, simply known as "Operation: Healthy Husband." (For this I think we could use some theme music from "Rocky.")

Yesterday, I went to the store and bought $200 worth of fruit, vegetables, some turkey and fish...For the past 24 hours, I have been slicing and dicing more than I have in my entire life. I feel like we live in a virtual vegetable garden and it's beginning to feel like we are bunnies!

I took a picture, but this cannot begin to show you that every nook and cranny of our fridge is filled with apples, peaches, squash, cucumbers, green beans, cantaloupe, carrots, celery, strawberries--you name it, I've got it! (Did I mention that I'm longing for McDonald's?) We've only been at this 24 hours and already the Golden Arches are feeling like they are the gates of heaven.

But, we will persevere...Actually, Ralph is better at all this than I am as he is from a farming community and loves a huge garden. I'm from the city and love a huge mall.

I figured that it was about time to give you something to bring a smile to your faces as this has been such a serious blog for over a week and I had to show you what is going on right now in the life of this family with their little dog....And did I mention that even our little Maltese Jamie has turned his nose up at the thought of eating this way...He looks at me like, "Hey Mom, where's my hamburger?"

When Ralph was in the hospital, he looked all over for him and couldn't figure out why he was away...Now, his tail just wags because he's so happy to see him back home. If I had a tail, I'd be wagging it too!! I'm so happy he's home!!!

I am linking this up to Spiritual Sundays I can't thank all of you enough for your prayers during this trying time...It has meant so much to me. Charlotte, Ginger, Clif--thank you more than words can say!!!!
To everyone who visits this blog, your prayers mean so much and they have kept me going during such dark hours...
and gave me hope!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Must-Have Book

As many of you know, this last week has been unbelievably difficult....I don’t know how I have been able to make it through, but I have to say that I believe it is because of your prayers that lifted me up when I couldn’t lift myself.

Do you think that is possible? I think it is. I don’t know any other explanation.

I bought a book today entitled “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” by Derek Prince. I had no idea what it encompassed, however, I saw it when I was in line at the grocery store and thought that it would shed light on the power of prayer. I can only say that after reading the first 3 chapters, I believe this was a book that I was MEANT to read...It is powerful beyond measure.

It changes how I approach prayer--even prayers for others....It makes it apparent how greatly the Lord loves us.

If you have not read it, I recommend that you get it....It is so powerful and practical. The price of it is nothing compared to its content and honestly, it is a bargain on Amazon! If you are praying for yourselves, if you are praying for others, it is a welcome joy that will help you understand what a privilege and joy prayer is.

I pray that all of you are doing well and thank you for your amazing friendship and caring.


The Biggest "Thank You" Ever

Dear Friends,

We may be far apart...We may be in touch "through mid-air," so to speak.
But, I thank you for all your prayers through this very difficult time
and I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate your love,
caring, and kindness.

Because I didn't want to write everything in detail on my blog,
tonight I tried to add my friends' names to my email list so
that I could write to everyone and keep you posted.

If you did not hear from me, please email me so I can
have your email address and I will send you letters as
I update things around here. My email address

My prayers go out to all of you as I ask for a blessing
upon you, your families, and those you hold dear.
I pray for the Lord's love and peace to encompass
you and fill your life.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Please Continue to Pray

Here's a picture taken this last spring...(my hair was brown for a brief while.)

To all of you who have come to this blog and prayed for my husband and for me and for Jan's mom--I love you...You are so absolutely dear and I so appreciate you holding me up in this time of great need.

This day began at 5:30...It is now 2 am and I just got home a little bit ago...It seems like the longest day of my life.

My husband is in the Intensive Care Unit and I please ask for you to continue praying for him....I needed to get a few hours of sleep before I make the 25 mile trip back to the hospital over Lake Pontchartrain....

I don't know if you've ever been in this type of situation where it is so unexplainably shocking that you don't even know how to pray because you are living from one moment to the next hearing one bit of information after the other that defies your sense of what the present should be like....

I will leave early in the morning again and I will give you an update when I get home...I thank you so much for your prayers and are all unbelievable human beings and I thank you for all you mean to me.


P.S. I can't help wondering how on earth I started a simple prayer blog in case someone needed a prayer and then I ended up needing it myself....No doubt, God knew that all of this would be happening before it did.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Asking for Your Prayers

Hi Everyone...
Little did I know when I started a prayer blog that I would need your prayers--but I do now....

On Saturday night, my husband had chest pains, was taken by ambulance to the hospital, had suffered a heart attack and is going in for surgery tomorrow....

To say the least, I am scared beyond belief and I'd love to sound braver, but I can't...
(You know me by now--I say what I feel.)

I am asking for your prayers and hope that you will ask the Lord to bless him and keep him well.

Also, Jan of Bobbypins Boardwalk just received word that her mother, Maxine is ill and she needs your prayers, as well...

Thank you dear friends and I will keep you updated. And please, if you have not read my miracle story about the picture of Jesus, just scroll down 2 posts and it is there with the picture.


Message Monday

Dear Friends,
My message is simple today--Love those that you hold dear...and then, after you have, love them even more.

Love is all there is....When it is there, it changes your world.

Modern culture may deem it frivolous...I deem it as important as the air we breathe....

If you love someone, let them know it. When you are done, tell them again.

If you have not seen the picture in the previous post, please take a look and see my story about it.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Own Miracle and Linda's Jar Give-Away!

Hi Everyone:

I need to tell you a story...The other day, I went to the hobby store and bought Tim Holtz's stickles...they are like glitter glue. Late at night when I was finally able to get some quiet time, I blotted some ink on a card, spread stickles with my finger, and put the card over on the shelf to dry.

An hour later, I glanced over and there was a picture of Jesus! I couldn't believe it. At that point, it was around 3 in the morning and I sent the pic to June in England. I told her the story and asked, "Can you see this image through email?"

She said "yes" and made this beautiful picture with it--I was so surprised. Her art is simply gorgeous.

I was overwhelmed by such a miraculous occurrence when I looked over on the bookshelf.

I am going to leave this up for a few days and I may have to go out of town, but I wanted to post it so you could all see it.
Please let me know if you can see the image as I may need to take better pictures.

Also, as blessings flow, I just received this adorable jar from Linda at Prairie Flower Farm--It was so wonderful of her to send this precious treasure to me. I am so grateful, indeed! I couldn't wait to post it for all of your to see! And it is filled with beautiful feathers from her farm--wow! If you go to her blog, she is giving one away. So, if you go over there, you might just win one!

Also, if you would like to post this on your facebook, feel free to!

Also, I just made these ATC's for Linda and as you can see, I put one of her feathers in one of them...These themed cards seemed to fit "the country girl" just perfectly!