Monday, September 20, 2010

Please Take a Look!

Guest Artist: Sherry

Even if you went to my other blog today, I hope you will read what I have to say about Sherry's awesome luggage...

It made me think that when someone gets ready for a trip, they pick all their nicest clothes, plan their itinerary, and with a happy heart, go ahead with their vacation....I think that life should be the same way. We can wake up every day anticipating something new, putting our best foot forward, greet everyone as if we are tourists with a sense of adventure, and we'd be surprised how each day will seem different and more exciting. The best part? We don't even have to leave home to do it! I'm going to give it a 'bout you?

Also, Sherry is in a contest and if you would like to vote for her adorable vintage luggage, just click on her name up above and it will take you to her blog...

Thanks! And have a blessed day!



  1. What a nice post Cindy. That is a cute bag, ready to go on an adventure.

  2. Cindy, it WOULD be a great way to live life! XO

  3. HI Cindy. I love the look of this vintage luggage. Great post as always.

  4. Cute bag, I voted already. Hope you have a great wednesday.

  5. Cindy Sweetie,, besides being Gorgeous,,I LOVE all your creations too. AND i LOVE all your notes,,they always make me smile from ear to ear.. Do you know just how inspiring you are??? Yes YOU.. God is sooooo shinning through you Sweet Sister in Christ!!!
    It is also why all your creations are soooo beautiful.. Just had to share all that with you or I'd burst ,,,honest.. It wouldnt be right of me to have not stopped in to visit after seeing your new note.. Please don't stop blogging because I and many others would sooooo miss you!!!
    May God's blessings be on you as you follow Him!!!
    You're super and I'm very honored that God brings such awesome women into my life through this blogisphere that cherish Him too~~~Huggggggggs Dena