Sunday, September 26, 2010

Message Monday

Guest Artist: Cheryl

I would like to introduce you to our guest artist for today, my friend Cheryl who does amazing work. This is one of her journals...The detail and messages are beautiful.

I couldn’t help but think that they contained the words for 2 things we all need dearly--”faith” and “love.” But, sometimes life gets so busy that we don’t give them as much attention as we need to...So, this week, I am asking for each of you to contemplate on what those mean in your life...

Isn’t it easy to have faith when all is going great? Isn’t it simple to take love for granted? Let this be a week when you say “I love you” just one extra time (or more!) to those who touch your lives. I’ll do it too!

Thank you Cheryl, for this lovely art and for the special reminder to make these words to live by.


  1. This is a wonderful message to start out the week with. Give me good food for thought.

  2. What a beautiful journal. I love the FAITH " bingo" card. Thank you for sharing it, and for the reminder to walk in love this week.

  3. Hello Cindy, Yes we need to continually tell others we love them. I think my hubby Ray, an ex Vietnam veteran marine realises the value of those words more than most. xxxx

  4. Cheryl is a smashing blogger and so creative, love her work. x

  5. A simple way I think of faith:


    Have a blessed day!

  6. Thanks for the challenge!! It's got me thinking - alot!! I've realized I have been simplifying the definition of faith and while I have neverending faith in HIM, I've realized I have not completely come to full faith in HIS desire for my good. I keeping expecting the bad - seeing it as lessons to be learned and the price we pay for living in this world but not fully trusting that good will come from it. I guess I know what I'll be pondering the rest of the day ;-)

  7. This is beautiful Cindy.
    We all need to tell of our love for each other, and even more, show it. And will we ever fully fathom, in this life of ours, the Love our Father has for us?
    And Faith, long journey to learn, understand, and apply that one.=)

    barbara jean

  8. Oh cindy sweetie bless you for this that you have,posted on here,what you have said you could have read my mind.
    There are things in life,that make us think when I did this book,the words to me were just so important,I really think hard when I create,and you dear friend always manages,to put it so beautifully into words,I do it in my art,and you have an amazing insight into,life love hugs cheryl xxxx

  9. Lovely journal! And thank you for the reminder to take time to be quiet and think on Faith and Love! And to show the people we love that we do. Hope all is going well for you!
    xo, Karen

  10. That is a beautiful journal. If we could all realize thats whats most important, faith and love.

  11. Lovely inspiration, Cindy. I love you my friend.