Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Drawing, a Gift, and a Question

These are Bible tags that I made as a surprise for Ginger and
Charlotte and Clif of Spiritual Sundays.

I have also made a new ATC called “We Are Blessed” and if you leave
me a note here, I will put all of the names in a drawing and pick one
on Sunday night and announce the winner...

And one more thing...I have decided to try something new...Rather than making it so difficult to link up your blog, I will pose a question and just
answer it on here...easy, right? Well, here goes...

Who is ONE person you personally know who has inspired you
so much in your life and why?

Can't wait to see your answer in the "comments!"

Also, I want you to know that my husband is on the mend and I am so grateful for all of your prayers...they mean so much to me.

(I am linking this post up to Spiritual Sundays.)



  1. Hi Cindy,
    You never cease to amaze me with your gorgeous tags! They are amazing! I really want to get one of those scalloped circle punches like you are using (at least I think that's how you made them!). And I also really love the mini tags that you embellish your tags with, too:)

    I guess my Mom is the one who has inspired me the most. She grew up during the depression, so she was used to making do with very little. She always was able to make some pretty amazing things out of "nothing"! When I was a little girl, she surprised me one Christmas with a huge box full of doll clothes that she made. Much of the fabric and trim was left over from other projects, or old clothes that she had taken apart. I guess that must be where I get my "repurposing gene" from!!

  2. Hello Cindy, The person that inspired me the most in my life was my grandmother. My mother did not want to be a mother or a wife and when she no longer wanted us she would leave us with my grandmother. My grandmother always believed in me and was my dream maker.

    She was very frugel and was always helping others. When we grew up there were poor folks always looking for a meal and work. Of course I didn'y realize that I was poor as well. She made sure they had both a meal and a little job to do. She was more of a mother to me than my own mother. She died three days before Thanksgiving in 1971. I still feel her presence and after all of these years I still miss her terribly.

    Lovely tags that you have created. I learned most of what I know from my grandmother. My love of flowers comes from her.

    I hope all is well with you and your husband.

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  4. Cindy~

    As usual another thought provoking question or comment..

    Let's see... The person that has inspired me in so many ways in my life is my daughter. My daughter has always had even as a child an uncanny sense of wisdom and exudes positive. As a child her being born and in my life has been an inspiration daily to be a better person and mother. As an adult she has made me so proud at the woman and mother that she has become I look up to her and she still gives me the inspiration and confidence to do things that I might not otherwise do.


  5. My inspiration came and still does come from my Mom. She was a wonderful loving woman. She taught me good values, how to recycle (before it was fashionable) She had a way of making me think by saying "whatever you choose honey, the choice is yours but you will have to live with it." She always reminded me to treat others as I would like to be treated. She taught me so much about life and living. I miss her alot.

  6. I would have to say my mom. I have always wanted to be just like her. Which doesn't mean that I don't get pissy at her or argue with her. But, I love that she is here in Texas now, and I love being so close even when we aren't getting along the best. Who else would put up with me, and still make me make decisions about me booth for this Saturday?

    PS - I have pictures of my dry-run of setting up my booth on my blog post for today.


  7. The first person who comes into my mind is my Grandad. He was the loveliest man and we spent so much time together, always telling me stories and showing me little marvels of engineering he's made. Perhaps that's why I'm now being drawn to Steampunk art!
    I still miss him and think of him every day.

    Love your beautiful tags Cindy.
    Hugs June xx

  8. Sorry Cindy. I went ahead and deleted my first entry because it was so long for here that it embarrassed me. :( I decided to share it at my blog so I will include a link to read the entire entry.

    I could choose several people who have inspired me but the first that came to my mind was my mother...One of the things that inspired me the most about my mom among many great attributes, was how she loved my dad, especially how she demonstrated true unconditional and unselfish love by caring for him meticulously during his battle with Alzheimer's years ago...He was the apple of her eyes, she was the apple of his...
    (Story of great love continued at

    Thank you for being such an inspirational person yourself. Blessings!

  9. Hi Cindy,
    I would have to say my son inspires me everyday. He just turned 15. He wakes up everyday with a smile and goes to bed with one. He loves the Lord so much. He has the greatest sense of humor and makes me laugh everyday. He lives everyday with such a zest for life. It is like he breathes in all day long. What a blessing he is to everyone he meets.
    Hope your husband is feeling better everyday.
    Linda -Ocala, Fla.

  10. The person that has inspired me the most would be my sweet husband. He has taught me so much about the Christian walk. He is a man of integrity and loves the Lord. We've been married for over 30 years, but I still learn from him.

  11. Thats a hard question, I cant say just one person because there are many. Now, my sons inspire me to be a better person, A Christian to set an example. Hugs my friend, Happy Friday.

  12. Inspiration...that's a hard question..because there are many people that have inspired me...My dad, because he's a man of integrity and won't compromise truth for the sake of convenience...He's a sweet dad :) :) :)

    Your tags are beautiful....all of them :) ): :) So I won't pick a favorite, because they're always cute!!!! Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  13. These are beautiful Cindy. My mother is an inspiration for her bravery and courage plus she is a terrific cook and jewellery maker, but don't tell her any of this as she will remind me of what I have just said at least 5 times a

  14. One of the women that inspire me is one I'm going to ask you to pray for. I have known her for several years. She is a woman of God...a student and lover of His Word.
    On Tuesday she will have surgery for a mass on the base of her skull and top of spinal cord. The doctor believes it has been growing for 10 years but it does not look cancerous. This is a very risky procedure and barring the worse she could come out paralyzed or unable to swallow. But I believe God has a lot more in store for her to do and He will bring her out able to do the things she hasn't been able to in while. So please pray for her. I will let you know what God does.

  15. Cindy, your tags are gorgeous as is all the art work you do. I enjoyed reading all the comments and I notice that many ladies have been inspired by their mothers. My mother was an inspiration also, having a hard time in her early married life. We were poor, and unlike some people, I did know it and felt ashamed of it. In one auto accident my mother lost her mother (age 51), her grandmother (age 70) and her brother (age 12). This occurred when she had just given birth to my baby sister. She was left to raise her 10 year old sister along with us and to take care of her father for the rest of his life. Can you imagine what he had to live with since he was driving the car (but not at fault for the accident)? My dad finally found his niche and left her comfortably well off in her old age. God is good.

  16. Such a great idea! Thanks for this post. I have two inspirational people in my life. The first is in his heavenly home, the second preparing to go to there.
    1) My father. He was such a caring person. He modeled philanthropy to me. Dad was always helping someone, financially or otherwise.
    He was also a great listener. I could talk to him about anything.
    3) My husband. He has battled cancer with such strength, courage and determination. Ron has grown spiritually through this process and is now teaching me just what it is to trust the Lord.
    I thank God for these special men in my life!

  17. Cindy,
    Just a quick hello while between ice and hot for my back.
    so glad for news your husband is doing well.

    hugs and blessings

    barbara jean

  18. Love the tags, Cindy. What a sweet surprise.
    I guess the person who has inspired me the most in my life was my mother. She was a real people person - much more than I am. She never had many earthly possessions but what she had she shared and always thought of others before herself. And, she was a very happy person. I was so blessed to have her for my mother.
    Hugs and blessings,

  19. Dear Cindy,

    Your art is so beautiful! My mom inspires me by living out her faith in her daily life!


  20. OH~~~Cindy, I love the tags, they are so beautiful and your so talented, thank-you. I love my mom with all my heart but she has not inspired me as far as my faith or other areas in my life. I honestly would have to say Charlotte. She loves the Lord, she is a wonderful wife, mom, she is talented and domestic. She has been a mentor in my life.
    Have a wonderful day,


  21. these are beautiful and Charlotte and Ginger are the absolute I'm really glad you made these for them.
    That one person...he was an older minister in a prison and took me under his wing. He taught me to shine trust when it seemed like God was no where around....He didn't just tell me...he showed me. He opened his heart...his home...his life. His name...Pastor Bergeron.

  22. There are several who have inspired me over my lifetime....Ruth Bell Graham, Gracia Burhnam,my mom, grandmother and sisters, a couple of friends, and my sweet husband.

  23. Those are some beautiful tags.
    My sweet Daddy has been my biggest inspiration. He is gone 6 years now and it still feels like yesterday.

    He grew up one of 11 children of Italian immigrants during the depression. He worked from the time he was a boy, first selling newspapers, then with his father selling ice off of an ice truck. He volunteered for WWII, served his country in the Navy, met my mother and married her. They were married 32 years before she died. Sometimes he worked 3 jobs to keep our little family going. He RARELY complained, was the most positive person I ever knew and NEVER faltered in his love of the Lord or his beliefs. It is my honest feeling that if I could be 1/2 the kind human he was I would be a lucky girl. I miss him terribly each and every day of my life.

  24. As always, the tags you've created are totally beautiful. The recipients will love them. I know I love the beautiful gifts you've given to me.

    As far as would be either my paternal grandmother or my mother-in-law, but since we are to limit to one, I will say my grandmother. She was a stylish and beautiful woman always, up until Alzheimer's took her away from me. She was loving and kind...and I always wanted to be like her. (It's her that I think about with every meal I eat on my desert rose china.)

    As an adult, though, I appreciate her example even more. She had a later-in-life baby...when my dad was 22 and married. At the age of 45 (grandpa was 48), she began raising another child, and that has been a huge example to me as I have been walking the path of adopting a child in my 40's. Many people are appalled that I would "give up the freedom I have" in order to take on a child again, but I have my grandmother's example. She was never resentful about having "her freedom" taken away. She enjoyed having a child in the home again. And she was even a better mother the second time around (according to my dad.)

    I wanted to be like her in every way but one...she smoked heavily all the days I knew her. Of course, smoking was SO the thing through the 40's and 50's, and by the time the dangers of smoking were known, she had been doing it for years and had no desire to quit.

    What about you? Who has inspired you?

    Blessings on your day, sweet friend.


  25. wow!! You are something else--kind and thoughtful beyond words. Thank you. I'm not sure I can answer your question right now. There have been so many. I have truly been blessed with people who have inspired and encouraged me. I'm thinking!

  26. The most inspiriational person in my life was my mother. She never ceased to pray for me every day when I was away from the Lord and doing my own thing. She never ceased to live the life that she believed and she was a woman of faith and prayer. She taught me to keep the faith no matter what this world does to me. I know she is dancing and singing at the feet of Jesus this moment. Thanks for letting us all share this personal information about ourselves. Your tags are stunning. God bless, Bobbi

  27. Hi Cindy, the tags are beautiful!! You are so talented!!!

    The person who inspired me the most:
    I would have to say that it was Elisabeth Elliott. She had a short radio program that I listened to everyday...she will never know what she did for me. I would listen faithfully to her message each day! Her words gave me strength during a valley when I needed her most! I hung on to her words and was inspired to hold on to Jesus!

    God is so good to bless us with others who come along side us when we need it most! :)

    God Bless,
    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  28. Hello Cindy, I am very glad Ralph is so much better.. from now on he will he will flourish.

    My mother has always inspired me but I would like to say here that it is my husband Ray.

    He is a man who say so much in only a few words. "I love you." ...not matter what happens I still get, "I love you." There is a lot in those words.. sometimes instead of shut up, its "I love you."
    If we were all inspired so say this more it would ease tears, comfort sadness, stop an argument and heal a sickness.
    Guess what Cindy?
    "I love you."

  29. What lovely gift tags! You are so gifted!

    There are so many special people in my life who have taught me, challenged me, and mentored me. The ones who have meant the most have all pointed me to the same person, taught me to come to know Him personally, and walk and talk with Him daily - Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, my Abba Father, my best friend, my all-in-all. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me, and apart from Him I could do nothing.

    And I am so blessed by so many of you online who also know Him and encourage me in my walk with Him as well. :)

    And YAYYYY! So blessed to hear the good news about your husband. What a gift from God! :)

    Have a blessed week!

  30. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    Oh what beautiful tags you have made. Just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them this beautiful, sunshiny day.

    I would have to say the one who has inspired me most, my maternal grandmother. She shared so much of herself over the years that I knew her, I carry her inside of me everyday. She told stories of how the first 3 children were born in a dirt floor tent. They picked cotton and she would carry her baby on her back. She worked very hard along side of my grand daddy and never complained once. She loved that part of her life. They saved for a piece of land, and built a home where the next 7 children were born. Her stories of happy memories, were her struggles, she said you learned to love the little things in life. She had a beautiful heart and soul, and opened her door and table to many strangers who were hungry. There was always room to feed one more. Yes she had endless bowls in here home.

    Thank you for asking today, and for allowing me to share with you. Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  31. There are many people who have inspired me in my life, my grandmother, my mother, and my dad,but the One who has and continues to inspire me every day is my dear sweet husband of all the people I have ever known, he comes the nearest of being the example of Jesus to me.
    The tags are beautiful, you have been blessed with artist talents.

  32. G'day Cindy ~ Your tags are beautiful! Of course I favor the roses but love them all.

    Inspirational ~ Well, I have to share this in this fashion. My maternal G'ma Maggie left a beautiful mark in my memory of her Irish touches & fabulous aromatic smells of her cooking & baking; my Mother gave me the strength to endure all that come what may as I watched her walk a struggling path raising her 5 children alone ... BUT my largest inspiration was during the time of crisis when our 3 yr old son was killed & the path that we tread at that time ... the largest inspiration in my life was God almighty. I do not know where I would have been without Him. Our paths were horribly bumpy & crooked & we sloughed along ... He held us up, gave us His strength & He got us back on His path.

    Thank you for asking.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  33. Love those tags! My grandmother. She went blind when I was 8 and she encouragement and love for the Lord filled my life. She was the most amazing woman and although I lost her over 43 years ago this month she still lives in me in her courage and her love for the Lord! Blessings from Anne in Colorful Colorado

  34. Hi Cindy...Beautiful post and Praising God that your Hubby is on the mend!!!
    About the ? Wow thats a ? that may get more than 1 answer..
    It would have to be my Dad who is passed away now,,hope that still counts???
    My late husband and all he had to go through.
    And mostly for these past 6 yrs my Super HUbb's!!! We have shared soooo much in our few yrs. of marriage but we are always inspiring each other really towards God as we do go through patches or the bumps on the path.
    But also,,,YES,, it would include in my answer,,
    so very many of the Awesome women of God that I have been blessed in knowing through my blogs..
    They are a true blessing from God too!!!
    May all good things of God happen for you in your new week!!!
    Hugs&Love~~~ Dena

  35. Love your blog. Wow hard question to answer may have to think hard and get back to you. I'd really say Jesus! Blessings to you. DE

  36. These are so pretty Cindy, beautiful work my friend
    hugs June xxxx

  37. Hi Cindy,
    We received our lovely angel tag in the mail today. It was so thoughtful of you to make it for us. You made our day. Thank you dear friend.
    Hugs & blessings,
    Charlotte & Clif