Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Guest Artist

Guest Artist: Jill

When I saw this picture of Jill’s, I thought it was gorgeous! I asked if she was willing to be a guest artist on here. She said, “Yes” and I thought, “Terrific!”

I saw that this was about “Night,” but also noticed the brightness that surrounded it. I realized that sometimes when we are going through dark times, moments when things seem unsure, there is the Lord’s bright caring light that surrounds us and His Word helps us find our way.

Jill, thank you for that reminder and for creating a beautiful piece that is an amazing example of how hope and faith change our lives.

If you get a chance, I hope you will stop over and visit Jill's blog.


  1. What a wonderful piece and such a great message with it.

  2. I agree with you, this is enchanting!

  3. wow! that's a beautiful picture. It looks so mysterious. The night behind her seems to be cold and scary while the little Angel in front seems to be so warm and happy.

  4. Oh this is beautiful...and the message is, too! XO

  5. It is very lovely. I can never resist artwork like this. Thanks for finding and sharing. How is your Hubby?
    Hope you are all still doing well.
    Much Love,

  6. A gorgeous piece of artwork! And thank you so much for your message. I've been a bit in the dark lately but today when I go to Chapel the Light will come!
    June xx

  7. Thank you Cindy for Allowing me to Share My Art on your Beautiful, Inspirational Blog! I feel Honored and Privileged to be a Part of this!
    Thank you again!
    Feathers & Flight