Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Must-Have Book

As many of you know, this last week has been unbelievably difficult....I don’t know how I have been able to make it through, but I have to say that I believe it is because of your prayers that lifted me up when I couldn’t lift myself.

Do you think that is possible? I think it is. I don’t know any other explanation.

I bought a book today entitled “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” by Derek Prince. I had no idea what it encompassed, however, I saw it when I was in line at the grocery store and thought that it would shed light on the power of prayer. I can only say that after reading the first 3 chapters, I believe this was a book that I was MEANT to read...It is powerful beyond measure.

It changes how I approach prayer--even prayers for others....It makes it apparent how greatly the Lord loves us.

If you have not read it, I recommend that you get it....It is so powerful and practical. The price of it is nothing compared to its content and honestly, it is a bargain on Amazon! If you are praying for yourselves, if you are praying for others, it is a welcome joy that will help you understand what a privilege and joy prayer is.

I pray that all of you are doing well and thank you for your amazing friendship and caring.



  1. Thanks Cindy, I'm going to buy it, it sounds like it's something I need to read too.

    A close friend of mine was going through chemo last summer. I told her that I would pray for her.

    I contacted everyone I knew, that knew her as well, and asked them to pray on a specific day at a specific time. We would all be praying at the exact same time for her.

    When the time came, we had just arrived home from a restaurant. I lit up a candle and we started praying in silence. We prayed for an hour but it only seemed like a few minutes and at that moment, we felt so connected to God, like we never had before. I knew He was listening to our prayers at that moment. The energy I felt that night was something I had never experienced before.

  2. Dear cindy,
    You are such an inspiration. You are praying when most people would be mad at God.
    I will look into this book.
    Big hugs from me.

  3. The book sounds wonderful. I am going to look for it.

    It really is an amazing privilege we have to pray. Besides my own prayer time, I also pray weekly with a very dear friend. We live 2,500 miles apart, but thanks to the beauty of technology, we pray on the phone every Tuesday afternoon. It is so amazing how doing this has encouraged us both.

    There is a Steven Curtis Chapman song I love called "Carry You to Jesus." IT's on his "Declaration" CD. Some of the lyrics go like this, "I'll carry you to Jesus on my knees."

    When you think of the paralyzed man in the Gospels, and how his friends carried him to Jesus on a mat...well, we are doing no less than that when we pray for one another...we are carrying our friends to Jesus...on our knees.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Derek Prince was a great teacher and I have read several of his books. I was personally ministered to by his grandson, Peter Wyns, and my heart was touched by his amazing heart profoundly. I still receive his newsletters and each is so anointed and always on target. You may visit his website at

    Glad to hear God divinely set you up with a great book. Love it when that happens. Glad to hear you are well.

  5. Glad your hubby is now in intensive care, he is well looked after and Jesus is beside him.
    You cannot go wrong with anythng from Derek Prince... All I would like to add is, after you pray, sit silently for a time and listen...God talks to us in our minds, through scripture and others, I am sure you know this, but I felt to say it again. He loves you. Hugs xx

  6. I believe it is because of your prayers that lifted me up when I couldn’t lift myself.

    Do you think that is possible? I think it is. I don’t know any other explanation.

    AMEN AMEN AMEN...I so agree with this statement above!

    "The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all he has made. Psalm 145:13

    Carol sent me over here where she shared your blog link on my Fearless Friday post (a day committed to pray for one another)....

    I'm praying dear sis.

  7. Hi Cindy...

    My dad has quite a few of Derek Prince's books etc. Well, my dad is very well read and loves to read things from various pastors etc!!! I'm glad you are enjoying the book...and YES, I do believe that prayers can literally lift someone up in difficulty...I've felt that when I've gone through difficult times..:) :) I'm going to ask my dad about this book. He just might have it in his library!!! Love and hugs in Oregon, Heather :)

  8. Cindy,

    Well, I certainly don't believe in fate, it's FAITH that holds me together. And it amazes me how God worked for me to find your site.

    Finding your other Blog, it has to be from Him. I have tears of joy writing this - I am so glad no, thankful, that I dropped you an e-mail this morning.

    You are both on my Church's prayer list and in my morning devotions.

    God's Blessings on you both.


  9. Cindy,
    Thanks for the prayer book recommendation, I am always looking for new books to read. I am going to get it too. Hope your husband is doing well. I am so glad we met. Hugs my friend,

  10. Cindy....I am continuing to pray for you and your husband and your mother. Please take care of yourself too. The job of caretaker is very draining and you must take care of you too. Many hugs, Nan

  11. I am so sorry........this last week was a total blur. Sometimes I feel like I get up......go to the work place............come home.........go to sleep.......and do the next thing all over again the next day and the next. I also feel like I miss out on my precious friends and what is happening in their yours. I thought of you soooooooo often all week. Kept thinking I needed to see how your back was........ also to tell you thank you for my adorable lovelies. I love them......... and here you are...........with your precious husband....... having troubles....but Praise the Lord he is home. You have so many precious prayer warriors. I have never read the book.....but many others on the same topic. Will look into it. There sure is a war in the heavenlies so thankful the Lord has won and we are on His side!

    Will be praying for a fast recovery on your honey!

    Hugs sweet friend. Linda

  12. Cindy, We're still praying for you over at our house. I love Derek Prince; he's one of my very favorite

  13. Well, let me finish my comment. Somehow I posted it when I hadn't even finished writing it. Any how, as I was saying Derek Prince is on of my very favorite Christian Authors. I have read many of his books, although not the one you just read. I am looking forward to getting a copy of it. I am on his mailing list and get daily devotional by e-mail (he's not alive anymore, he passed away a few years ago; in his eighties I think. But the Derek Prince Ministry is still going and very much a blessing). Any way God Bless.
    Much Love,