Monday, September 27, 2010

Prayerful Tuesday

Guest Artist: Jacqueline

Hi Everyone:

I was entered into an art challenge last week and I went blog hopping when I saw this beautiful tag! I wrote to the artist, Jacqueline, and asked if she would be a guest on here and she said "yes." I was so happy! But, there's more to this story...Jacqueline and her husband are in the ministry in France...I was so moved. I couldn't wait to show you her beautiful work.

My husband and I have a friend named Jack who is going in for surgery Tuesday...It is hip replacement surgery and I am asking for your prayers for him as he really is in need of them. I thank you so much for joining me in prayer for this wonderful man.

And thank you Jacqueline for reminding us to pray...We are blessed by your talent.



  1. Wow! A beautiful tag and beautiful reminder to all of us! How great this would be in a prayer journal!!! Thanks for sharing this gifted artist with us today and blessing me!

  2. Beautiful tag and how wonderful the artist has a ministry in France.

  3. Thank you Cindy, so happy to be featured on your beautiful blog!

  4. Wow its a beautiful tag. love and prayers for Jack

  5. This tag is a beauty. Since we were both in the same tag challenge I have already told her how pretty it is and not in just the usual sense but the beauty in the meaning as well. Thanks for sharing this with everyone Cindy.


  6. Hi Cindy!
    I am so glad you stopped by my home so I could visit your lovely place!
    I am also happy to know that I have another sister in the Lord!
    My Gram, while she lived here with us, had TWO hip surgeries--one in the Fall and one the next Spring. I took care of her, and it is a lot of work recovering.
    I will pray that Jack comes through the surgery all right.
    He will need much help afterward, though.
    Let Jack know that we are thinking of him!
    Blessings and joy to you as you make your home today!
    P.S. You are a very talented and creative lady!

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Jacqueline's tag is gorgeous! And I will pray for Jack.
    It's interesting...since I started blogging, I pray more. I pray for all people who leave comments on my blog plus all the prayer requests I come across. So blogging has improved my prayer life and I've made new friends. What could be better?
    xo, Karen

  8. Hi Cindy, Jacqueline's work is always so elegant and this one is no exception. Really beautiful.

    I have said a prayer for the success of Jack's hip surgery.

  9. That is a pretty tag and I do love the sentiment. I will pray for Jack. Hope your day has been great.