Saturday, September 11, 2010

Way of Worship

Hi Everyone,

Today my friend One Heart is having a blog party and has asked that everyone post a song, a photo, a poem, art, a prayer--whatever they would like that glorifies God on their blog. So, I have decided to write a poem and it is dedicated to all of you. As many of you know, my husband just went through heart surgery and he and I both have been lifted up by your prayers...Thank you all so much. I ask for your continued prayers as we go through this time. I love you all.

If you would like to link something up for One Heart's Link Party, I'm sure she'd be thrilled!!!

Father in Heaven
I come to you in prayer
thanking you for blessings
you've made abundantly clear.

One need only open their eyes
to see the splendor of your ways
in my heart and home
there is nothing, Lord, but praise.

Thank you for the miracles
and friends you've brought my way
they have come in my lowest hours
and brightened the darkest days.

You know each one of them by name
and realize they mean the world to me
please help me express with deepest joy
my appreciation and sincerity.


  1. Oh, Cindy, this is precious. I absolutely LOVE this poem. It makes my heart soar. I know that all across our blogs we already glorify God so much, but the WOW (Way of Worship) blog-hop is very dear to my heart as it is to my friend Alice. I took a chance and added a linky today (you know me, I don't like to host those too much =D), but God's up to something yet again. I am delighted you joined in. Sigh...I know I said this already but I love this poem. Love and hugs.

  2. Beautiful Cindy!
    You both just take care and rest up.
    God will do the rest.
    Love and blessings,
    June xx

  3. Cindy, thank you for the inspiring poem. It is touching!

  4. Awww Cindy, that is wonderful! I am not a poetic person (only in my mind). The only song I can remember all the words to is Climb, climb up sunshine mountain. Not very inspiring. Just feels good.

  5. So sweet Cindy!!! Lovely words and beautiful sentiment and one that I will carry with me this week!

  6. Very well done and beautiful dear one. hugs♥olive

  7. I have just found your blog via a friend's recommendation. I lift you and your husband up in prayer for full recovery.

    Shall we accept only the good and not accept the bad. Many blessings to you.

  8. Hi Cindy, what a beautiful poem. well done on this.
    thanks for your lovely comment on my piece for your challenge.
    I am glad you are ok and hope Ralph gets stronger and stronger.It will be nice to have your daughter visit too. have a lovely week my friend
    hugs June xxxxxx

  9. Cindy, you are quite welcomed. I look forward to following your blog and keeping you in my prayers.

    Hugs to you and yours.

  10. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

  11. Wonderful, affirmative, prayer-poem of praise and thanksgiving, Cindy. You all are in my prayers.

  12. Just a wonderful poem. You are such a talented writer. Hope you have a good evening.

  13. Cindy, your poem is beautiful. You and your husband are in my prayers. Blessings, sandi

  14. That is a beautiful, heart-felt prayer! God loves a grateful heart...

    God bless you and your husband. I hope he is recovering well from the surgery.