Monday, September 6, 2010

Message Monday

Dear Friends,
My message is simple today--Love those that you hold dear...and then, after you have, love them even more.

Love is all there is....When it is there, it changes your world.

Modern culture may deem it frivolous...I deem it as important as the air we breathe....

If you love someone, let them know it. When you are done, tell them again.

If you have not seen the picture in the previous post, please take a look and see my story about it.



  1. Love is sometimes the hardest, easiest thing to do.

  2. It is what we are suppose to do :)
    Happy Monday,

  3. Great message today, my sweet friend. May we all take it to heart.

    Kind of reminds me of an old Reba McEntire song...called "The Greatest Man I Never Knew." It's sung about a father after he's passed away, and the final words of the song are "He never said he loved me...guess he thought I knew." How important it is to TELL those that we love them that we love them....while we still have the chance to do so.


  4. Perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Cindy, this post is so appropriate and thank you for sharing it. I ask your readers to pray for my mother who was told last week that she has breast cancer. It has apparently spread to the milk ducts via calcification and now they are looking at the lymph glands which appear to be abnormal. One day you're health is perfect, the next it isn't. I would so appreciate prayers for a miracle for her. Tomorrow she goes through additional testing. Thank you so much!

  6. oh cindy hun how right you are hold on tight hun love hugs cheryl xxxxx

  7. Cindy, finally settled into our new home. Hope to get back on a blogging schedule. So good to read your posts and get caught up. Wow! An unbelievable picture...I'm going to go tell my husband I love him.

  8. Your post today is so beautiful and so important I'm going to put it on my blog too. I'm sure you won't mind.
    With much love
    June xx