Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekly Wisdom--Try to do what you can for others

Hi Everyone:
A few weeks ago, I heard of an amazing project called The Butterfly Effect. People are being asked to make butterflies, 1.5 million in all to represent the children killed in The Holocaust. I made 3 butterflies that made their way safely to Trudi in Canada, a wonderful artist who has decided to encourage people to make the butterflies.

In this post are the 3 butterflies I sent.

If you would like to make one, just go to Trudi's blog and see how you can participate.

It's easy, actually. You make a butterfly and send it to her...Later, they will be on display at The Holocaust Museum in Houston.

And if this is not something you want to do, as part of my "Weekly Wisdom," I would say, "This week, try to remember someone who needs something, whether it's a prayer or a kind word and try to be of assistance." I think it's important to remember this every week, but I think it is a wonderful message to start out the month of November in which we celebrate Thanksgiving.
Have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekend Question and Fabulous Artist

Hi Everyone--

This has certainly been a week of miracles. We see God’s work everywhere we go..and it is a blessing.

My friend Yvonne was so sweet to let me present her work on my blog and I love this piece...It is so serene and angelic. I wanted to share it with you this weekend and bring smiles to your faces!

And, as you know, every weekend, I ask you a question and hope that you will answer it on here...(No need to make a link at all--easy, peasy!)

So, here’s my question--”What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I can’t wait to see your answers.

I am linking this up to Spiritual Sundays--big hugs to all my friends from there too!!!!

Also, if you would like to visit Yvonne and say "hi," please click on her name up above and it will take you right to her blog.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Wisdom--"Thy Will Be Done"

"Celestial"--My Original Mixed Media Work
(This is a reproduction of my original mixed media created from fabric with embroidery.)

Last week, I was inspired by the word’s of Derek Prince’s book “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” where he explains that in our lives, it is important to say to God, “Thy will be done.”

So, I contemplated what that meant in my own life...and how I could make that possible by having more time for prayer and reading. With that being revealed to me, I have begun a new format here and I am very excited!

Each Monday, I will have “Weekly Wisdom,” and hope that will be a source of inspiration to all of you during the week. Then, on Fridays, I will pose a question for each of you (a simple one) and feature the work of a special artist with an inspirational story to go with the feature.

So, what is my “Weekly Wisdom” for this week? It is to say that I feel it is really valuable to contemplate on that phrase “Thy will be done” in all of our lives. I wonder what insights you will gain and how it will inspire you to be lead by God’s love for you.

One more thing--I came back and read some comments and please look at the comment by Kaybe--it is amazing!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Blessing from a Friend

Yesterday, I received one of the biggest surprises I have ever gotten in my life--and original art book by June of Junibears Jottings! It is filled with all of June’s original digital art which is breathtaking...I have photographed just a few pages to give you an idea of the immense beauty of this priceless gift
from this wonderful friend.

I know that so many of you know and love June and I am also asking for prayers for her husband Freddie who suffered a stroke a week ago...I hope that you prayer warriors will please join me in prayer for him and for June both.

Also, last week, my dear friend, One Heart asked if I would ask a question that everyone would answer...

So, here it is and I don’t worry about how long a response it is...I’d love to hear it...

Today, my good friend Marfi of Incipient Wings and I were talking about dreams and some amazing ones we have had and I would like to know, what is one of the most profound dreams you have had?

Please write it here and if you get a chance, come back on the weekend and see what others have written...I think this should be very special. No need to put in a link because you can just answer here....

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and I will check back often to see your responses...

I am linking this to Spiritual Sunday.

Spread the Love

Guest Artist: Karen
Blog: She Uses Her Words

Hi Everyone:

I saw this quilt on Karen's blog and knew immediately that I had to show you her amazing talent!!! You know how much I love anything hearts, anything sewing, and anything quilting!!! And to me, this beautiful piece is a reminder of the importance of love in our lives...It is also easy to take for granted. I can just imagine that if someone has Karen's beautiful creation on their lap, they would feel loved, no doubt!!!

Maybe in our attitudes, we could all be like a virtual quilt in that if people come in touch with us they feel more love. Isn't that a wonderful goal to strive for? Especially in traffic or in a long line at the grocery store?

I remember a few months ago, I was at the post office and was frustrated by the line...I kept thinking, "Cindy, just spread love." So, I started to talk to 2 ladies ahead of me...It turned out that I had some stamps in my purse, gave it to them, and saved them a wait in the long line. I thought that was an opportunity to just do something nice for someone. I think that we should look for those magical opportunities.

We can even find those opportunities on here with a sweet comment that makes someone's day...We don't know what an "I love your red apron" could do for someone! It sounds simplistic perhaps, but it's those little gestures that make living so much brighter.

So "Spread the love" just as Karen did by making this beautiful creation....And thanks, Karen for this lovely reminder.

And friends, could you please do me a favor and click on Karen's link up above and say "hi?" It would be wonderful if you would!!!!

And one more thing....On Friday I will ask a question about something and can't wait to read your answers!!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Frida

Guest Artist: Marfi

Hi Everyone:
When I saw this painting by Marfi, I was enthralled as I love anything that is Frida Kahlo....When I was in Mexico City, I visited her home where she lived with her husband Diego Rivera....It was like walking back in time. What stands out the most in my mind? Their kitchen was large and bright and had their names on the wall--it was spectacular....I also visited her art studio and in it were all the braces she had to wear after her tragic accident. These were so tiny and she was such a little woman.

For a woman of such small stature impacted by tremendous adversity, she made a big impact--To this day, she inspires others to keep on "keeping on" in the midst of any setbacks...She is truly an inspiration, even though she has been gone many years.

I wanted to share this delightful painting of Marfi's with you as she has amazing talent and is also inspired by Kahlo, as well. Kahlo and Rivera are no doubt, one of Mexico's treasures. They brought so much awareness to that country and ultimately to the world through their art.

When I saw this painting on Marfi's blog and felt like it was serendipity because we both have such an appreciation for this artist.

So, how can this be inspirational on my blog today? I think that Frida's story reminds us that even in adversity, we can persevere and that sometimes, adversity propels us to greater heights to pursue things we might never have without it...

I think that is a poignant concept to ponder. Has adversity ever pivoted you to greater heights? I know it has with me.

After a tremendous loss in my life, I went back to college and just so that I wouldn't have to focus on the loss, school kept my mind occupied so I didn't have time to cry...It was the hardest time in my life--and in that rough moment, I had to do something positive just to survive. We never know where life will take us, do we? With God's help, he leads us to where we need to be....It is a journey and it is often those unhappy things that happen that carry miracles on their wings.

Marfi, thank you for joining us here and sharing your amazing talent. You are so blessed and we are fortunate to share in your gifts. If you would like to visit Marfi's blog, it is called Incipient Wings and if you click on her name up above, the link will take you right there.

Love to you all and I am keeping each and every one of you in my prayers.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday Message--Our Day at the Beach

This weekend, Ralph and I went to take a walk along the beach.

I am from California, so I love the beach. We found a
beautiful island in Alabama called Dauphin Island.

Warm water--and they allowed dogs, so we could bring our
little sweetie, Jamie, a maltese (no pic of Jamie because he
wouldn't look at the
But, this little bird was happy to cooperate!

While I was there, I thought of all of you, so I wrote the name
of my blog in the sand and got this picture.

I will be thinking of all of you this week and praying for you
and wishing you a sky-blue week with calm seas and sunshine!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Will Needs Our Prayers

There is a young man who needs all of our prayers right now and his story is on his friend's blog. I would like to know if you could go there and see his amazing story and send him "Happy Birthday" wishes and say prayers for him.

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Mathew 6:26

When I recently completed this altered art bird’s nest, I couldn’t help but think of that scripture. I pray that we will all realize that the Lord is watching over us, including Will and his beautiful family.

I want to wish you a blessed weekend and hope that it is wonderful!!!
I am linking this up to Spiritual Sunday.

A Special Guest Artist

Guest Artist: Debbie

I would like to introduce my guest artist for today, Debbie. Last week, my husband walked outside to get the mail and walked in with a package in his hand and there were all these wonderful handcrafted gifts from Debbie. It was such a surprise. She is a true woman of God and inspires so many people, not only with her kindness but with her amazing story of strength.

You see, last year Debbie lost her beautiful daughter Amy to cancer. But, did Debbie get angry and bitter? No. Instead she helps others with her encouraging words and wonderful spirit.

If faced with the same trials in life, would I be able to do that? Could any of us? Well, Debbie is a living example of someone who loves the Lord in the midst of troubles and serves as a great reminder of how important it is to have faith no matter what is going on in our lives. I’ve never met Debbie in person, but I love her.

I hope you will visit her blog and say “hi.” It is a blessing to know her as it is to know so many of you who share your generous spirits and are such a balm when people are going through things that you hear about on here....

In truth, we are a community--a spiritual community of strength who are there for each other...I love you all.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Letter to God

Guest Artist: Donna

Today I am featuring the work of Donna from My Shabby Chateau. Why? Because she is a genius at repurposing! She takes items, weaves her magic, and the next thing you know, they become priceless one-of-a-kind creations!

When I decided to write this post about “A Letter to God,” I thought of her chalkboard...They have become so popular! So, I thought, what if we each had a mental chalkboard and just wanted to talk to God and let Him know who we are concerned about and whom we want to pray about?

What’s on the top of YOUR list? Try it for just a few minutes and see how many things are on your mind--how many concerns you have. And then, after you do, hand over the “keys of worry” to Him--Let Him take care of it!

Yes, let God do the work because you have already told Him what concerns you. Remember that word “faith?” Well, if you’re even the teensy weensiest bit like me, I have faith after I’ve worried, tried to fix things, worried some more, called my mom, talked to my husband, wrote an email to a friend...okay, you get the picture.

So, for one day, just take the things on your mental chalkboard--the things that concern you most--and ask for God’s blessing in your life. You can do it--I know you can! And let me know how you feel about it...I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Oh, and if you need a chalkboard or anything else that's artsy, just visit Donna's shop at the link up at the top of this post.
Have a great day!!!

2 more things--PLEASE pray for the miners who are being rescued...I know they need our prayers!
Also, my internet has been having problems--if you don't hear from me or see me on here,
that's why!!


Praying for Friends

Linda's Front Porch

Guest Artist: Linda

Last week was a time full of surprises! One day I went out to the mailbox and there was a box of incredible treasures from our guest artist, Linda. Here is a picture of just one of the items she sent me that she had made and I wanted to share it with you.

Little did she know when she sent it that I was in the midst of making a nesting piece myself, so I knew for sure that somehow we were so connected, not only as artists, but more importantly, as friends.

It made me think of all the people we meet on here and how we share our days and little happenings, our feelings, and everything else that goes on in our lives. But, in the midst of it, we make friends that may know us even better than our neighbors do...We get excited for each other when things are going well...We cry together when one of us is going through something...

And even more than that--our voices can be heard. Someone cares what we think, how we are doing, and how we are feeling. How miraculous is that? It is a big world but we have been so blessed to know others who pray with us--who “get” us and who share in a spirit of “I wish you the best in life.” Isn’t that a miracle?

I think this is an important day to take a few minutes and pray for all the friends you have made through your blogging adventures. I am going to do that and I hope you will do it too....In this way, I believe we will create a “circle of love” that will go around the globe! How amazing is that?

Just as birds take flight and are not limited by location, our prayers have no boundaries and can affect the lives of all those we pray for.

I hope you will go visit Linda's blog--but give yourself lots of time because you won't believe the treasures she has on there! She has so many vintage pieces and they're also available in her Etsy shop...For those of you who are artists, you won't believe what you'll find!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday Message--The Gift of Being a Woman

Guest Artist: Lynne

This week I received this exquisite card in the mail from Lynne and I was so surprised. I couldn’t wait to show you this beautiful altered art piece.

It got me to thinking about how important women are...We are nurturers. We take care of children and help friends when they need us. We remember others in prayers. We create. We cry. We laugh at our own mistakes. We wear are emotions on our sleeves and everyone usually knows what we’re thinking just through our eyes.

So, this week when you remember this beautiful piece of art carefully crafted, just remember how God carefully crafted each one of us....What a miracle, isn’t it?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moments of Prayer and Worship

During good times, during bad times, during sad times--all of those moments present us with a wonderful opportunity to open up our Bibles to gain wisdom, strength, solace, and direction. I hope that you will find some "quiet time" this weekend to spend some "quality time" in prayer and reading for additional insight...

On my Message Monday, I am hoping you will let me know if you found the time to do that and how it helped with any circumstances that you are dealing with right now whether they be about health, family, friends, finances--whatever it is, I hope that you will find peace in these words and in prayerful time.

I posted a picture of a Bible tag that I made recently....I love pink! I wanted to share this photo with you to remember that those times spent in worship are, indeed, special!

Linking this up to Spiritual Sundays!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Live in the Moment

Guest Artist: Terry

When I saw this piece by Terry, I loved the visuals and the message both!!! She was so kind to let me post it and be a guest artist here at I Owe it All to Him.

"Live in the moment"....How can we? Do we not simultaneously live in the past and dream about the future? I am going to try it and enjoy each 'bout you? You want to try it too?

Terry, thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us and for giving us an inspired message to ponder and put into practice!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Believe in Your Dreams

Hi Everyone,

On Sunday, my husband and I went to the beach--to the Gulf of Mexico, to be exact. I had not been there since February, and being from California, it's hard for me to go that long without waves and sand. Here is a pic I took with my cell phone. Why there is a "pink glow" on the beach is beyond me, but I thought it was kind of magical.

While I was there, I thought of a friend of mine who loves the beach and wants to move south, but right now is living in the northwestern part of the U.S. So, I collected shells on Sunday and decided to send them her way...they are all ready!

But, they come with an important message attached and that is "Dreams DO come true!" For without our dreams, how would we accomplish what we need to do? They are the fuel that gets our engines moving through life...and asking God for direction, He leads us where we need to be. So, this message is for all of you too--LIVE your dreams!!!

Blessings & hugs,

Monday, October 4, 2010


Guest Artist: Cheryl

This posting today is about friendship and how lucky I think
so many of us feel to have met such wonderful people while we have been blogging. Yesterday there was a surprise in my mailbox--the most beautiful
art by Cheryl from the UK.

Let me tell you right off that my pictures don't do these tags or magnificent altered book justice. They are so incredibly made that just holding them is special--I'm not exaggerating! The bird and bird cage are so sparkly and the pages of the journal are each individual pieces of art. They even have pockets to put special notes...How amazing is that?

The book is held together by the most exquisite clasp and beautiful key...I could go on and on about this because there is so much detail and must have taken forever to make!!

They remind me so much that not only is friendship such a
blessing, but so is being able to use our talents.

Thank you all so much for visiting AND for being my friends...You all make
the world a better place. And Tuesday, June's husband in England is having surgery and I hope you will join me in praying for him.

Cheryl, thank you again for being the BRIGHT spot in my day!!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monday Message--Cooking Up Happiness

Hi Friends,

Today's "Monday Message" is to help you begin the week in a happy mode! No matter what's going on, why not give your worries and troubles to the Lord and make a decision to be happy no matter what? I'm going to do it too!

My problem? Sometimes I think that God may not be working fast enough to make everything flow perfectly. Sound familiar? Yes, I guess that is human nature, but if we all try together to make a concerted effort to enjoy happy moments when they come our way, then chances are that they will multiply! I can't wait to hear your stories. If you want to stop by and share, just come back to this post so we can all read it.