Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Blessing from a Friend

Yesterday, I received one of the biggest surprises I have ever gotten in my life--and original art book by June of Junibears Jottings! It is filled with all of June’s original digital art which is breathtaking...I have photographed just a few pages to give you an idea of the immense beauty of this priceless gift
from this wonderful friend.

I know that so many of you know and love June and I am also asking for prayers for her husband Freddie who suffered a stroke a week ago...I hope that you prayer warriors will please join me in prayer for him and for June both.

Also, last week, my dear friend, One Heart asked if I would ask a question that everyone would answer...

So, here it is and I don’t worry about how long a response it is...I’d love to hear it...

Today, my good friend Marfi of Incipient Wings and I were talking about dreams and some amazing ones we have had and I would like to know, what is one of the most profound dreams you have had?

Please write it here and if you get a chance, come back on the weekend and see what others have written...I think this should be very special. No need to put in a link because you can just answer here....

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and I will check back often to see your responses...

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  1. what a special book! Wish I could think of a more original way to say that...but it is truly special!

  2. I shared in a post a while back about a very significant dream I had, so I'm showing the link. It actually was instrumental in redirecting my life.

  3. Oh, June is such a lovely lady. I've been praying for her and her dear husband for awhile now :) :)

    Hmm...the question about the dream, I'll have to think on that...because lately my dreams have been somewhat strange..mainly due to stress from work...but also I've been literally having dreams about products and product design...and these are for things that I have absolutely nothing to do with...but as a result of those, it's really encouraging me to at least write the ideas down on paper, even if I dno't understand why yet...because somehow I feel like it's going to be useful/helpful/encouraging to myself and others. Does that sound weird or make sense? It doesn't entirely make sense to me...but that is heavily what my dreams consist of...lately!!! That's a great question!!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Oh, my, Cindy, what an amazing gift from dear June. I love that gal, and I love her art creations as well. You are truly blessed to have a volume of her beautiful work.

    I, too, have been praying for Freddie...and for June as she navigates her home alone, without Freddie's assistance.

    Gotta think about the dream thing...will answer back later.

    Much love and many hugs,

  5. hi cindy,
    the book is amazing...the pictures took my breath away...she is beyond talented!
    Glad you put the dreams question up...i'm looking forward to reading the answers!
    Have a wonderful night:)

  6. oh wow I love June she is one special lady and I too hope and pray that freddie gets better soon no one deserves it more,than her and as for her artwork she really is one talented lady and you are the luckiest person in the world to recieve something like this,truly breathtaking,will have to think about the dream,and pop back later hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  7. Dearest Cindy, I'm so glad you loved the book.
    I feel so happy it arrived at last.
    I've had so many lovely messages and prayers from my blogland friends, it's made me feel so humble that all these people who have never met me should be so kind. I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful friends online.
    My world at home is so restricted I can enjoy all my visits to see what you've all been up to online. My computer is my lifeline and making my pictures is therapy.
    Much love
    June xxx

  8. Oh my, Cindy, that book is amazing. What a special blessing from a special friend.

    I will add June's husband to my page's prayer closet. Thank you for the reminder.

    Will stop by later sharing a dream...gotta think that one through because I've had many. Fun! Thanks for adding those great questions of yours which I so enjoy.

  9. Hi Cindy, June's book is gorgeous. I will pray for Freddie. I have only tiny pieces of dream memories. Usually about being a nurse which I have not done in three years and it still gets to me! Thanks for stopping by to see me! hugs♥olive

  10. Okay, it was tough choosing because God has blessed me with many special ones, but here goes.

    About a couple of weeks or so before the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, I had a dream where a huge tidal wave was coming toward us. In the dream the wave engulfed me and I went under holding hands with my daughter. Right before we went under we heard a voice say to us to simply go with it. I don't remember the exact words but it was a feeling of trust. As we went under and trusted we came out to a HUGE book opening up before us. There we stood in front of none other than God's Book of Life and a huge hand was pointing to our names. All was well and peace flooded over me.

    About a week later, the news broke out about the unfortunate events in December of 2004, when the coast of Indonesia was hit by a tsunami which devastated so many lives. I remember watching the news and being in shock just staring at the TV.

    Thanks again presenting a great question. Your question stirred my faith up today.

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  12. That's a very beautiful book. I will keep Freddie as well as June in my thoughts and prayers!!

  13. Junes art is just fabulous and you are one lucky girl Cindy and I know you will treasure it.
    Dreams.......mmmmm trouble is I always forget them as soon as I wake up.....sorry... Enjoy the weekend. Annette xx

  14. The book is so beautiful. She makes such beautiful artwork. I am sure you will treasure it. Dreams..oh me....unfortunately nothing profound just weird, scary dreams.

  15. I haven't had any prophetic-type dreams. Mostly, I have bad, heart-pounding dreams. Always, when I wake up from one of them, I ask the Lord to remove it from my mind so that I won't have those thoughts on my mind the next day. He is ALWAYS faithful to remove every bit of the scary dream from my mind. I will know that I woke up with a frightening dream, but I will have no recollection of it the next day...and that is a huge praise...and always serves to remind me that God is watching over me.


  16. Oh my goodness, Cindy. I had no idea you were going to post about dreams when I wrote my post! I know you've already read mine, but the link is:


  17. I've never heard of June but these pictures are amazing. I once dreamt a bear had gotten into our house....and I was fighting all night to get it out...I remember the fear of the neighbours knowing.....I think it was prophetic to bear it all....didn't realize I would publishe my an award and many would read what I had tried so hard not to tell....He redeems everything...even those things we fear others knowing.

  18. Hi Cindy, So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog to congratulate me on my win from sweet Tammy. I am so excited. Thank you also for becoming a new follower on my blog. I am now a happy follower here too on your lovely blog.

    What a gorgeous gift of art pics from June. It is wonderful. She is a true talent and the pics are amazingly beautiful.

    For my dream, I really do not have many that I remember, but after both my parents passed away only 22 months of each other, I had a dream that I was walking with them in a garden and they were tending to the flowers. It was very peaceful aned beautiful. I think it was God's way of letting me know they were safe and at home with him. Thinking of it always makes me smile.

    Hope you have a special weekend.
    Blessings to you,
    Celestina Marie

  19. I can't think of any amazing dreams at the moment, but the Lord has given me visions before.
    The first holiday season after my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I was driving home from work. As I approached our neigbhorood, I kept seeing a glowing cross. I'd blink but it would not go away. There it was- above our house as I pulled in the driveway. A little while later, there was a knock at the door. A stranger asked for my husband by name. He went on to tell us the most amazing story. He was in Wal-mart's parking lot, when someone handed him an envelope and asked him to deliver it to our address. It had Ron's name on it. So he did. We thanked him. After he left, Ron opened the envelope- and counted 10- $100 dollar bills. The only message in the card was "God saw your need." You see, our money had run out and we were anticipating the worst Christmas ever. But it turned out to be the best! I will never forget my vision or our visit by a Christmas angel. All glory to God!

  20. what a beautiful gift that is!! thank you for sharing the pictures with us...

    Joining you in prayers for Freddie!!


  21. I just stop by to tell you that "Ever After" is a great movie. It stars Drew Barrymore and Angelic Houston. :)

  22. What a gorgeous gift you received. I have had a lot of dreams, some good, some not so good and some very strange. No one stands out as I think about it now. It is interesting to read about other people's dreams though. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  23. This book is beautiful!What a sweet gift. Like Charlotte I don't remember any dream off hand. Maybe I should start to write them all down:)
    God Bless,

  24. What a wonderful gift, Cindy! It is truly lovely! I don't often remember my dreams, but I have had some that are very vivid! I have had repetitive dreams of houses~ I never recognize them, but they are the most wonderful places, each room opening up into other wondrous rooms, that were always surprises! I realized one day that what the dreams brought to mind was the scripture~
    John 14:2-3 In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

  25. My dream,
    One night,I woke up with a sharp bolt,thinking that something was going to happen,to one of my children,I went back to sleep only to be woken,with a call from the police to say my son had been beaten,up in his own,home as you know your heart sinks when it is one of your own,with no car at that time I ran,over 10 miles the pain keeping me going. I just knew something as my dream did not go into detail just that,something was going to happen to one of my children,as I remeber so vividly when I woke up the tears that were rolling down my face.
    I finally arrived at my sons,flat so see him,so frightened all alone,shaking whilst the paramedics,cleaned him up.
    The worst thing was that he knew who it was there was a knock on his door he opened it,and that was it he was out cold on the floor not one but 2 of them did this to him.
    My son would not fight back as that was never,in him to do so.
    He recoverd,it took an awful long time,and we stuck together,to get through it we took the lads to court who were fined got community service,and were baned from comeing anywere near,me or my son.
    But,I knew from the dream,that the strength of love would get us both through yes it was not easy,and it was hard but with love,and faith we did not allow these bullies to win. Someone somewere had given me the strengh to fight,and we did.
    This not only made me stronger as a person,but also made me fight,and pray for what I belive in.
    SO all my thoughts and prayers,are with you all on this sunday,
    all my love cheryl
    cindy hun if this is far too long you are more than welcome to delete it,ever loveing friend cheryl xxxxxxxx

  26. G'morn ~ Dreams ... nothing substantial but I get 'visions/feelings' often ... & they are usually truth eventually to come to pass. Sadly, they are filled with sadness of things to come ... I usually voice them so that others know I'm not making them up, they send chills down my spine.

    One was when the Challenger blew up ... the night before as the news was excitedly telling all the joys of the flight, I sat there quietly & said'it's going to blow up'. Everyone i the room was aghast & said 'that's a terrible thing to say' ... I need say no more.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  27. Such a beautiful gift June has bestowed on you, Cindy. I'm like Peggy in one of the early comments: I don't have enough words to say how gorgeous the book is. And yes, I am praying for Freddie.

    As for dreams, most of mine are spent looking for my pocketbook (which I have actually left on trips in restaurants 2 or 3 times and have had to drive 100s of miles back to retrieve!) or arriving at a luncheon and most of the food is gone or I have on clothing that's not suitable for the occasion. I know this must mean something. I also will try to find the dream I wrote down several years ago that I feel was definitely from God.

  28. Wow Sis,, how awesome is that!!! Saw your note at someones blog and had to stop by and say,
    thinking of you!!!
    And in beginning your new week,,
    A prayer for you~~~
    As you seek God first,, May the light of Jesus Christ continue to shine through you, blessing you in all that you do!!! Hugs Dena

  29. Just stopped by for a quick visit yet again today. If you lived nearby, I could really use a girls' movie night...and maybe some coffee and chat or just a good friend. Laughs wouldn't be too bad either. Having one of those days where I feel so misunderstood. No self-pity though. I'll probably be laughing in about two seconds which is usually the case with me. ;) Love and blessings friend.

  30. Oh my, I read some of the dreams and visions and they are amazing. I am so stirred with faith. Whidbey Woman's experience is so amazing. God is so good.