Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Frida

Guest Artist: Marfi

Hi Everyone:
When I saw this painting by Marfi, I was enthralled as I love anything that is Frida Kahlo....When I was in Mexico City, I visited her home where she lived with her husband Diego Rivera....It was like walking back in time. What stands out the most in my mind? Their kitchen was large and bright and had their names on the wall--it was spectacular....I also visited her art studio and in it were all the braces she had to wear after her tragic accident. These were so tiny and she was such a little woman.

For a woman of such small stature impacted by tremendous adversity, she made a big impact--To this day, she inspires others to keep on "keeping on" in the midst of any setbacks...She is truly an inspiration, even though she has been gone many years.

I wanted to share this delightful painting of Marfi's with you as she has amazing talent and is also inspired by Kahlo, as well. Kahlo and Rivera are no doubt, one of Mexico's treasures. They brought so much awareness to that country and ultimately to the world through their art.

When I saw this painting on Marfi's blog and felt like it was serendipity because we both have such an appreciation for this artist.

So, how can this be inspirational on my blog today? I think that Frida's story reminds us that even in adversity, we can persevere and that sometimes, adversity propels us to greater heights to pursue things we might never have without it...

I think that is a poignant concept to ponder. Has adversity ever pivoted you to greater heights? I know it has with me.

After a tremendous loss in my life, I went back to college and just so that I wouldn't have to focus on the loss, school kept my mind occupied so I didn't have time to cry...It was the hardest time in my life--and in that rough moment, I had to do something positive just to survive. We never know where life will take us, do we? With God's help, he leads us to where we need to be....It is a journey and it is often those unhappy things that happen that carry miracles on their wings.

Marfi, thank you for joining us here and sharing your amazing talent. You are so blessed and we are fortunate to share in your gifts. If you would like to visit Marfi's blog, it is called Incipient Wings and if you click on her name up above, the link will take you right there.

Love to you all and I am keeping each and every one of you in my prayers.



  1. Such cheery colors!
    Love that you feature such a variety of artists.

    LOVE the sweet package you sent to Karen, (She Uses Her Words).



  2. Yay...lovely spotlight on Marfi..she is a shining star..and her work is gorgeous! And such a beautifully written post..have a sparkling day!

  3. Super painting! Marfi inspires me on a regular basis! Great message that I will carrry with me this week!

  4. Thats a pretty painting. Hope all is well, dont wear yourself out staying up too late ;)
    Have a great Tuesday.

  5. Yes, adversity has lifted me to greater heights I would have never known except through it. Catching up on everyone today. Blessings!

  6. This is a great post, and I loved the picture. I am going to have to over and check out Marfi's blog as soon as I am done here. I have also been pushed higher and grown greatly from very difficult and painful times in my life, so I know what you mean. When we hold tightly to the Lord, He blesses us through the pain, sorrow and struggle. I enjoyed your beach post below, so nice to see.
    Many Blessings Cindy,
    Much love,

  7. PERFECT featured post :)



  8. What a wonderful post, Cindy! And a beautiful painting!

  9. Beautiful post Cindy! Marfi's painting is gorgeous!

  10. Cindy...I want to thank you again for this honor...I really appreciate it,
    you are such an inspiration!