Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spread the Love

Guest Artist: Karen
Blog: She Uses Her Words

Hi Everyone:

I saw this quilt on Karen's blog and knew immediately that I had to show you her amazing talent!!! You know how much I love anything hearts, anything sewing, and anything quilting!!! And to me, this beautiful piece is a reminder of the importance of love in our lives...It is also easy to take for granted. I can just imagine that if someone has Karen's beautiful creation on their lap, they would feel loved, no doubt!!!

Maybe in our attitudes, we could all be like a virtual quilt in that if people come in touch with us they feel more love. Isn't that a wonderful goal to strive for? Especially in traffic or in a long line at the grocery store?

I remember a few months ago, I was at the post office and was frustrated by the line...I kept thinking, "Cindy, just spread love." So, I started to talk to 2 ladies ahead of me...It turned out that I had some stamps in my purse, gave it to them, and saved them a wait in the long line. I thought that was an opportunity to just do something nice for someone. I think that we should look for those magical opportunities.

We can even find those opportunities on here with a sweet comment that makes someone's day...We don't know what an "I love your red apron" could do for someone! It sounds simplistic perhaps, but it's those little gestures that make living so much brighter.

So "Spread the love" just as Karen did by making this beautiful creation....And thanks, Karen for this lovely reminder.

And friends, could you please do me a favor and click on Karen's link up above and say "hi?" It would be wonderful if you would!!!!

And one more thing....On Friday I will ask a question about something and can't wait to read your answers!!!



  1. My dear husband can tell you, I never miss a chance to let another person see me smile. I truly believe if you reach out of your comfort zone and talk to someone around you, you become richer for having blessed them with your company no matter how short the visit. I love talking to people in lines!! It is where we show the least patience so diverting attention is a great way to pass the time. Love your post. LOVE THAT QUILT!!! Hugs. Tammy

  2. Awhile back, I was in WalMart (where I rarely shop because I HATE it), and the cashier just seemed horribly grumpy....and she never even greeted me. Then, I realized that I could greet her, and I did, calling her by name, since they wear name tags. I said, "Hi, Tammy, how are you today? Are you having a good day?"

    She started to cry and said "You're the first person that's ever asked me if I'm having a good day." (Now, surely that has to be an exaggeration...I can't believe NO ONE ever asked that, unless she just started her job that day.) But the point, like you said, is that we can touch another and make a huge difference in their lives, sometimes with just a gentle and kind word.

    And I am SO with you on encouraging blog comments. I have occasionally read blogs where ugly, argumentative comments are left, and it really bugs me. I mean, if you don't agree with what the blogger is saying, can't you just not comment. Can't you just read another blog (there are plenty of them)? Is it always necessary to debate someone or to give your opinion? I think not.

    Anyhow, Cindy, great thoughts...and such a beautiful quilt.

    Have a great day.


  3. Beautiful post Cindy! It is amazing how a simple hello or a few kind words can make such a difference in someones day. Someone once told me, "A Hello doesn't cost you anything". I have always remembered that.
    Karen's quilt is absolutely Beautiful!

  4. Hi Cindy,

    I love the heart quilt and the colors are so pretty. This is an excellant post.

    I like to call it random acts of kindness.

    Have a beautiful day,
    Peace and blessings.

  5. The quilt of Karen's is as lovely and sweet as she is.
    I've had the privilege of meeting her, and even sharing store with her.
    She is a delight, and, a new blogger. Let's all welcome her.

    blessings, and thanks Cindy, for featuring her and her lovely quilt.

  6. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for featuring my quilt! What an honor! But mostly thanks for the reminder to be kind to others. My Dad always admonished me to "be kind to others because everyone is going through their own battles." That has always stayed with me!

    Take Care, xo, Karen

  7. A wonderful post, Cindy, and I totally agree that we can be aware of that other person and the problems they may be having that day. I try to address people by name. Being old, sometimes I forget the names and call people by the wrong name. Always embarrassing. My dh always learns who our restaurant is and calls him/her by name. It's such a small thing.