Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekly Wisdom--Try to do what you can for others

Hi Everyone:
A few weeks ago, I heard of an amazing project called The Butterfly Effect. People are being asked to make butterflies, 1.5 million in all to represent the children killed in The Holocaust. I made 3 butterflies that made their way safely to Trudi in Canada, a wonderful artist who has decided to encourage people to make the butterflies.

In this post are the 3 butterflies I sent.

If you would like to make one, just go to Trudi's blog and see how you can participate.

It's easy, actually. You make a butterfly and send it to her...Later, they will be on display at The Holocaust Museum in Houston.

And if this is not something you want to do, as part of my "Weekly Wisdom," I would say, "This week, try to remember someone who needs something, whether it's a prayer or a kind word and try to be of assistance." I think it's important to remember this every week, but I think it is a wonderful message to start out the month of November in which we celebrate Thanksgiving.
Have a wonderful week!!


  1. This is a lovely message Cindy. very fitting.

  2. What a beautiful symbolic message. I have lupus and the butterfly also represents our cause. I'm happy to share with such a mission as you have here. I will go look at the blog you suggested.


  3. oh wow hun,these are just amazing creations,made by a very special lady hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  4. Those butterflies are just gorgeous! Wonderful remembrance behind them also. It makes me very sad when I think of what those poor children/people went through. It is great to honour their memory!

    God bless you Cindy!

  5. Cindy your butterflies honors the victims of the Holocaust. Where do you find those little trinkets and that fiber that outlines them?

  6. These are gorgeous and what a fabulous idea.

  7. Cindy,
    Those are just beautiful butterflies. I keep asking for the ability to love every one as close to the way Jesus did. Lovely message. Hugs, Kim

  8. Hello Miss Cindy!
    You Know your are Suppose to have A Lovely Blog Award for I Owe it all to Him too! Both of your Blogs are Lovely!This one Especially because of the Way you are Giving Back and making People Smile Here!

  9. I love your butterflies and I'm on my way to check this out!

  10. Beautiful, Cindy...just beautiful.

  11. Beautiful butterflies, Cindy.I'm off to have a look! TFS.

  12. Hello Cindy! I love your butterflies. Hope you have a great weekend!