Friday, January 7, 2011


This week, I wanted to introduce you to
some of my friends--you may know them...
you may not...but they're so fun and
full of life! This is Donnie...She is a
wonderful person--so full of fun!

Here a picture from her blog of a golf
cart--how adorable is this?

And Donnie and her husband Don always
visit such interesting places--I love seeing
what they've got planned next!

This is Kim and she is such a good friend--
we always email and chit-chat and have
fun...She has just become a designer
for 2 blogs--congratulations, Kim!

Here is a card that she made recently--
so pretty!!!

Donnie's blog is here!
Kim's blog is here!

I hope you will "stay tuned" to see who's
on next--I'm not going in any particular order...
I just thought you'd enjoy meeting new people
that I think are awesome!!!!


  1. Oh Cindy, how sweet of you. Hugs, Kim :)

  2. Both fantastic bloggers. I completely agree with you Cindy!

  3. This might come up as a repeat because Google said it didn't go through...Take Two...This is just so sweet of you Cindy. Thanks for featuring me and I'm glad to know we are friends. Actually I knew it already. Have a blessed day.

  4. Oh that gold cart that was pictured on Donnie's cute!!! I'd want to ride around in that all the time :) :) Thanks for sharing more about your friends. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)