Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding a Quiet Sanctuary

Guest Artist: Dore


There is such a peace and delight evoked in Dore’s special, hand-painted piece! It makes me smile and I’m sure it makes you smile too...It also reminds me that the Lord’s love is a true-life sanctuary. How wonderful and comforting that concept is! It brings such peace.

In prayer and meditation, we can be in the midst of that sanctuary 24/7 and we can go there at any time. About 6 months ago, I started to think about where I wanted to have my personal sanctuary. I had to think, “Where would my special space be?” I settled on a wing-back chair in my bedroom near the fireplace.

I had picked a wonderful spot. Then, I made a decision to go there every day to pray. But, I never seemed to find a minute in my schedule to do it! Hard to believe, but true. You would think that I would have looked forward to that peaceful time. You would imagine that the wing-back chair would represent some quiet moments of solace. Then, why was it so difficult to find a minute to do something I wanted to do most? Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that. It would be akin to someone winning the lottery and not showing up to collect a prize!

What I found was that when I could go to my prayer group and pray with a small group of friends, it was more comfortable. That is when it dawned on me that not everyone has a group near them. So, I wanted to create this on-linespace to be a respite...A place for people to take a few minutes for themselves.

How do things stand with the chair and me now? I realized I picked the wrong spot! I find that my special place is in the kitchen....I don’t know why, but that’s my space.

I encourage you to find yours! And when you do, feel free to share it here. In the meantime, I am happy that I found a spiritual place--a place to pray for everyone on my prayer list--and even those who aren’t.

Wherever your sanctuary is, I wish you peace in your special place.


  1. What a beautiful sign and reminder of how important it is to make that time with Christ.

  2. Oh, Tami, you are so right!
    I thought that Dore's beautiful sign would serve as a reminder to us all..
    what a blessing for all of us.

  3. Oh Cindy,
    I love Dore's work! I just found her a couple of days ago myself.

    I do have a place i sit for quiet time, but I do not sit there enough. I'm kind of a 'pray as you go' person, and love my time with the Lord on my morning walks. That is when I hear Him most.

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog.


    barbara jean

    PS regarding tea staining; you can also use instant coffee. I just do not care for the smell so I use tea.=)

  4. Hi Barb,
    I know--I love her work AND her blog--it's so "European Dreamy."
    Gorgeous! And she's such a beautiful person.

    Oh, I think that a person's place can surely be when they're on a walk...that's so peaceful and away from quiet and
    a "moving" sanctuary...amazing!

    Thanks so much for telling me about the coffee...that's funny cuz I don't like the smell of coffee either--I even have trouble making it for my husband because I don't like the aroma...I wanted to make some paper and iron it so I'd have it if I ever need it. I LOVE how it looks!!!

    What I do since I started this blog is, I sit right in front of my computer in the morning--I pull up the "follower" list so I can see everyone's picture and say their names and pray for each one...Then, I pray again at night in that chair! (So, I guess I didn't totally abandon it...

    You want to hear something neat? My grandmother had a prayer room in her house that had a prayer chair and a picture of Jesus and she went there every day to pray (she had 12 children so she had alot to pray for!) That is what inspired me to pick a special place.

    I hope all is going great with you...and the hubby, kids, and adorable grandkids!!

  5. Dear Cindy-Lou :)
    Thank you for making my site and my work of art your featured post this week. I am honored to be in your loving company and the company of the bloggers who visit you, and then inturn visit me! It is a joy to create for everyone, as I am blessed to have great blog friends to share my inspiring works of art with.

    My SANCTUARY I would have to say is all around me. I will take a moment here and there to thank God for giving me one more day to share and support my friends in any way I can.
    I find that peace and prayer can come to each and everyone of us when we are creating and extending love.

    My quite SANCTUARY is in a quite relaxed bath splashing my face with cool water in thoughtful prayer while shedding private tears...Sometimes when our needs get met we don't seem to need them anymore. Trusting in him and our needs are met.

    Merci' dear new friend :)

  6. Cindy thank you for this special spot to spend time in thoughts of the Lord Its so peaceful and quiet here .Time to reflect all the Lords goodness and grace towards me and my family..I do need to choose and will make me a special sanctuary,even though my children are grown I still find myself busier ever,so you have a blessed day, luv ya

  7. Oh Dore, Thanks so much for sharing your sanctuary picture with us....I think that every time we see a picture that goes with a "lesson," it is the picture that sticks in our minds and makes a lasting impression!

    And yes, I think we when do something creative--I call it "Being in the flow"--we are part of that the entire time and it is our on-going sanctuary....


  8. Mary,
    I'm so glad you're with us to share!!! This is so exciting!!!

  9. Hi Cindy,
    Maybe we should have a blog hop and show our sanctuary posts, it would be interesting to see everyone's idea of that word. I like to sit on my back patio in my swing in the cool of the morning with my cup of coffee. My Bible, journal and computer surrounding me on my coffee table.Looking at the woods and listening to the creek that flows thru the backyard. I am enjoying meeting all the new artists, and friends and having this virtual women's retreat!
    Hugs to you all.

  10. Oh, that might be a beautiful idea!!! Do you have a picture of it?
    I could take a pic of mine.

  11. What a nice idea of sharing our "spots." I must admit my sanctuary is a traveling place, but the one I can point to the most is my garden in the mild months. You can see it all over my blog because I can't help but photograph God's beauty there. htttp://
    Blessings on your day, Coleen

  12. Oh--we can't wait to see it, Coleen!!! I know it will be inspiring!!!!