Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Have It in My Heart

Guest Artist: Barbara

Hi Everyone,

I love these precious jars created by Barbara. One incredible thing about her--she is so helpful to everyone and really finds such amazing joy in her work. Do you want to know how we met? I was busy one day searching the internet trying to find out how to learn a new art technique and there was her blog with step-by-step directions! I was so excited. Then, amazingly, our paths crossed again. And she was so kind to agree to be on this blog and share her story with us.

“I love all of Psalms 139,” said Barbara. “I have it in my heart.”

She explained how they were the inspiration for these precious jars. “Those verses in particular spoke to me. It is just amazing to me that God thinks about us more than there are grains of sand,” she said.

“I mean, He must just be continually thinking of me! Watching over me, guiding me, loving me. Holding me when I cry, rejoicing when I rejoice. He thinks of me and cares for me every second of every day!”

Isn’t that a beautiful feeling to know that we can feel that way continually? And it is particularly exciting if we have the ability to share that joy within our work as Barbara does.
“It is a great way to share Him with others,” said Barbara. “Even the sand in those little jars is beyond my comprehension, and counting.  And yet He thinks of all of us so much more.”

Barbara even imparted this wisdom to her grandchildren. “A little timer in a game is how I shared that with my granddaughters,” said Barbara. “It amazed them that God thought about them that much.”

God really does think of us continually without end! How astounding it is to comprehend this concept. From now on, if I ever have the feeling that He forgot about me, I will think of Barbara’s jars and realize how much He loves me. I will keep that thought forever in my heart.

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  1. So sweet. It is a great reminder that we are always thought of. I wish I remembered that all the time.

  2. Cindy,
    This is so sweet! I love how you brought it all together, and blessed you would share my art, and heart, with others.
    Thank you sooo much!!

    Blessings, hugs and smiles

    barbara jean

    PS The free tutorial for those jars is on my side-bar, so all can enjoy doing them. =)

  3. I wish I did too, KC Mom!
    Sometimes it's hard to keep in mind how much God loves us!

    And Barbara, I'm so excited I could share your amazing story! It is priceless!!! and a vivid reminder of something we ALL need to know...what a gift it is for all of us that you shared your story and art.

  4. I love Barbara's art too! I just met her through her blog. She is a wonderful, kind, sweet woman with a beautiful heart towards God. Such a blessing to meet and spend time with her!

  5. I think you had the greatest idea! Religious and inspirational crafts are wonderful! I have a craft in store. Will keep you posted, i need some more time :) Thank you for letting me part of it :)

  6. Oh and forgot....Those 2 last crafts are very good!!!!!!!WOW