Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bringing Out the Child Within

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Isn't this just too special for words?

And doesn't this just melt your heart?

When I saw these absolutely precious cards by Julie, I just knew I had to ask her to be a guest artist on this blog! Aren't they adorable? Julie is not only talented, she is so kind and her blog is an amazing place of heartfelt stories that accompany her delightful! You can visit to see what I'm talking about at:

And with these cards in mind, I would like to ask you the Question of the Week---What is one of your happiest memories from childhood? I can't wait to hear what they are...

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I am also linking this up to Spiritual Sundays so everyone can play along!

And thank you, Julie for reminding us of the whimsy of childhood and the special memories it holds...



  1. What gorgeous cards! I will definitely check out Julie's blog! Let's see, some happy memories from childhood: well, I was a "girly girl", and loved playing with my dolls! I'll never forget the Christmas when my mom surprised me with a big box of clothes that she made for my Mia and Velvet dolls (dating myself here!). She made everything from faux fur coats, to pjs and party dresses! I don't know where she ever found the time to sew them all, and to keep it all a secret!!

  2. Oh, those are beautiful cards. I will definitely be checking out her blog.

    My happiest memories of childhood involve my paternal grandparents. We lived within walking distance of their house, and I walked there often. My uncle (their son) was only 18 months older than I was, so we were like brother and sister...and my great-grandmother lived with them too. I vividly remember picnics on their back patio(with great-grandma's pickled beets and hardboiled eggs) and then games of croquet in the backyard.

    Have a great day.


  3. I love her cards~ so charming! My favorite memories are decorating and baking for the holidays with my parents...

  4. Oh,'re so sweet!

    Let's favorite childhood memory...that's a hard question!

    I loved every single Christmas as a child, but I think the one that stands out in my mind the most was the year I was about 8 years old, all excited about the presents I would receive.

    One night, a week or so before Christmas, my Dad gathered us kids together and asked if we'd like to give Christmas gifts to a family that couldn't afford gifts that year.

    Sounded great, until he said that it would mean a sacrifice on our part. Would we each be willing to give up a couple of gifts that we would have received in order to do it?

    Well, we finally all said yes. We went shopping together as a family for the gifts and had so much fun doing it! I'll never forget sneakily dropping the gifts off--all wrapped up--on their front porch Christmas Eve. We felt so good! I really think we all enjoyed the giving much more than the gifts we received the next morning.

    So grateful to my parents for that wonderful lesson!

    Sorry to be so long--but thanks for helping me remember, Cindy!


  5. Thank you for joining me today on Fearless Friday..

    My happiest memory..sigh...well one was when I received "Pinky" pink stuffed cat. I was 11 years old..slept with her till I was in my twenties..and I'm not sure where she went too. SIGH.

    The other one, I know I know, you said one,,but when my mom purchased the Sunshine Family Tree House...I played with that for years and years. I still have that,,the only thing is I don't have the family anymore...but those two memories and what they represented to me have always been with me even now at 47 years old.

  6. Oh these are really beautiful! Thank you for showcasing them honey.

    Favourite childhood memory? It has to be the Christmas that I found a Topo Gigo handpuppet in my stocking from Santa. We lived on a dairy farm & all I wanted to do was show all the cows in the yard waiting to be milked haha! I knew them all by name & they all had a sniff!!! Looking back now I expect the puppet got pretty gunky hahahaha XXX

  7. so sweet, i will have to check out her blog.
    Hugs and happy friday,

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  9. Those cards are precious. Oh, how I love your questions, Cindy. Keep them coming please. They bless me very much.

    Okay, let's see...I usually like to go for the first that pops in my mind so I would have to say Three Kings' Day (Jan. 6), which was Christmas Day for me up until age 7 when we came to live in this country. I vaguely remember getting a little kitchen toy blender one time that is barely a hint of a memory in my mind but somehow holds great joy with it. Must have been some blender. ;) I also have very fond memories of going to the beach and having a blast with my dad who swam like a fish underwater and would always sneak up on me.

    Thanks, Cindy. Good memories.

  10. Spent an entire summer in Wyoming with my grandparents and great-aunt and great uncle.
    Horseback riding in the high country, seeing over 10,000 sheep in one day, rockhounding, picnicing, catching fish with a make-shift fishing rod; listening to old radio programs on the radio, melting in 100 degree heat, laughing at Granddad as he chased bunnies out of his garden. So much more. Best summer of my life!

  11. Gorgeous! thanks for sharing with us! Happy Spiritual Sunday!

  12. Hi Cindy...these cards are really nice. Best childhood memory...spent a summer in the catskills...away from my family....with people who really cared. I wonder if they were Christians now. Have a great weekend okay...

  13. Lovely cards. Those images of children are so touching.

    I have no happy chilhood memories. My best and happiest memories are from my two sons. We would bake cookies, make ornaments,decorating the tree, church plays and helping the needy.


  14. Yes, these are precious.All thought I loved my mom and dad I have to say that I don't have any happy memories either. The only thing I can think of is when went to Nebraska every summer and I got to visit my cousins.
    God Bless,

  15. Beautiful cards. I had a really happy childhood. Some of my happiest memories are sitting on the dam of a pond by my house, and walking in the woods behind the dam. There were trees which had fallen and straddled the little stream. We used to walk across those logs.

  16. Some of my happiest memories are when my older brother came home from college - especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. He is 12 years older, but when he came home, it felt like our family was once again complete.

    Like Lily, walking in the woods near our home was always special. I often tagged along after my big brother, but he was always patient with me.


  17. Beautiful cards. One of my favorite childhood memories is actually going as a family to our local ice cream parlor where they had homemade ice cream...and also being in our pjs all ready for bed on Sat. nights and heading to the A and W for root beer and popcorn....Hmmmmm My memories seem to center around family and food!

  18. My happiest memory as a child was about the age of 7. I came home from church one beautiful clear sunny warm day and went out to swing. As I was swinging I looked up at the blue sky deepened by the billowing white puffy clouds. It was then that I first sensed the presence of the Lord and knew that He was. An awesome moment. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

  19. Those are really beautiful.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  20. Yes the cards truely are very beautiful.
    My happiest childhood memory..
    I am one of five children and we were poor. We lived in a small rural community on a 7acre farm.
    My happiest memory was Endeavour Tea at our church (a shed). I liken it to a Little House on the Prairie church picnic. The women worked in the church kitchen, a small leanto. They'd make sandwiches, butter and jam scones (your biscuits) and piklets (small pancakes).. Cakes and pies were cut and prepared on plates. Eating was a joyous occasion as it was one time we ate our fill...the great happy laughter, us kids playing game, our Pastor praying in his gentle voice, his mother speaking in her Scottish brogue. There is NOTHING like the Christian Family. Love ya. xxxx

  21. Just beautiful Cindy. Memories from childhood are so precious.

  22. Hi Cindy,
    The cards are beautiful! I'll go look at her blog.
    I am fortunate enough to have many happy memories of childhood. We lived in Redondo Beach, CA so most revolve around the beach and the pier. I spent many a happy time walking out to the end of the pier and talking with the old fishermen as they reeled in their catch.
    I also loved spending the day at my Grandma's especially when it was raining. Not sure what the rain had to do with it, nonetheless it made for good memories.
    Have a great Sunday! xo, Karen