Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doubly Blessed and "Weekend Question"

Hi Everyone--

I know it's been a long week, but I had no idea that when I went to post on this blog for my "Weekend Question," I did the whole post on my Whimsical Musings blog So, I guess that maybe people there will answer my weekend question too! How funny is that? Well, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to not one, but 2 guest artists--Roselle and Nancy. (Read further and you'll understand why.)

My friend Roselle from Seaside Rose Creations is a wonderful artist and I wanted to share a picture of her precious, hand-painted Christmas bulbs--they’re available in her Etsy shop. Aren’t they just the sweetest treasures?

They got me to thinking about something...which brings me to my question for you for this week--What is one of the sweetest things that someone has ever done for you? (And I hope it will be something that caught you by surprise--something you weren’t expecting.)

Roselle actually surprised me with the sweetest package that arrived a few weeks ago...It was an envelope filled to the brim with “artist’s” treasures...vintage paper, book pages, ribbon, lace--you name it, it was in there! Sometimes, life has the nicest way of smiling at us through friends and family.

And right as I was in the midst of preparing this message, a gift arrived from my friend Nancy from The Trinket Collector--I was so surprised! She and her husband had been to Atlantic City to celebrate their wedding anniversary and she sent me Salt Water Taffy from there AND also, amazing vintage postcards--I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Every day is, indeed, a special package that we open--ours to do with what we choose...

Unwrapping gifts of caring from friends is such a delight and I can’t begin to express how

they warmed my heart.

I am linking this up to Spiritual Sundays!

I don't usually ask people to visit my Whimsical Musings blog, but I have an amazing story to tell you...I hope you'll go over and read it! It would mean a great deal to me to share my story with you!


  1. Cindy you have some awesome friends to think of you while on their anniversary!

    My sons were always too sweet to me as young children. I loved it when they would bring me a collection of wildflowers. SOmetimes it was lizzards!

    Not too long ago, a new friend hugged me and said I was special to her. That meant a lot to me since I am still so new to this little town.

    Once my husband was on vacation even though I was working,it was my birthday and every day he did something special for me that week. That really made me feel loved.

    But more than that is the giving myself to help someone else is the sweetest gift I can give.

    Be happy,

  2. Cindy, I feel like I have a cupcake obsession! I love those ornaments!
    I've had some pretty wonderful things happen lately,
    Two beautiful souls I've gotten to know in Blog land sent me breathtaking gifts..just because.
    Gorgeous artwork from their hearts! (thank you Cindy) I love what they created for me...but they have also given me something else, something so incredible, it's the gift of their friendship, and that is the sweetest gift of all.

  3. Blog friends are terrific, aren't they? Such great gifts you received from yours. And, yes, those cupcake ornaments are adorable!!

    You are one of my truly wonderful blog friends. I have been abundantly blessed by you in the few short months we've known each other. And I thank you so much for your friendship. Looking forward to one day getting together in person (when we return to the South).

    Love and hugs,

  4. Hi Cindy!
    I love the gorgeous ornaments! What could be better than glittered cupcakes?! How thoughtful of both Roselle and Nancy to send you treats in the mail! I am always amazed and touched by the thoughtfulness & kindness of fellow bloggers.
    One of the nicest surprises I ever received was a card on Mother's Day from my nephew and his wife, along with a gift card to a restaurant. I didn't even know they made Aunt Mother's day cards! Since I don't have any kids, this was especially touching!!

  5. The ornaments are so cute. Nancy is such a sweet, sweet person and so thoughtful of others. The sweetest thing I can think of was when my 23 year old was about 7 and he used to give me live bugs (I guess instead of wildflowers--of course I got those sometimes too) But I thought it was cute and sweet when that little hand was behind his back and he would bring it around and open it up and give me my bug. Have a great weekend, Hugs, Kim

  6. What a fun post! Love the ornaments.

  7. Special friends and oh so special ornaments! Too cute to limit to the Christmas tree. Hopping over to your other blog now. Blessings.

  8. Cindy,
    You are so blessed with friendships galore!!!
    Love the ornaments, cupcakes yummy!!!

    See you soon girl!

  9. Oh my goodness these Christmas bulbs are adorable,I love them! I'm on my way to visit your other blog.
    God Bless,

  10. love love love the Christmas bulbs... over to your other blog now...:)

  11. The first thing that popped into my mind when I read this week's question was the time you made those two beautiful tags for me. It was so unexpected and they ministered to my heart very much. Do you know that I actually keep one hung from the lamp I have by the computer? I see it each and every time I blog and I smile. That's the one with the house that says Cherish. The Bible tag that says "Precious blessings flow to me daily," which I originally had planned to put in my Bible, I keep in a teacup in my living room. Thought I'd share. ;) Thank you sweet Cindylou. ;)

  12. Hi Cindy...first thank you for putting my button on my blog. ☺ and those cupcake ornaments. They look good enough to eat. My 10 yr. old is a cupcake lover.....she would totally love these. And what you wrote about everyday being a special gift...a package to open....that image will stay with me. Have the best weekend ever okay....Sarah

  13. Yes, Cindy, those ornaments are delightful!
    Off to your other blog!

  14. I guess I answered it over for the sweet.

  15. I truly enjoyed your post.
    What a surprise to received all those treasures!
    Thanks for sharing your joy with us.
    Much Blessings,