Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Wisdom--Express Your Thankfulness

Hi Everyone--
For this week of Thanksgiving, I would like to say
how thankful I am for all of you--I wish you
a blessed week and hope that angels will watch
over you.

This week, our attention turns to God and to
express how grateful we are for our blessings,
but I would also remind you to thank those
in your life who bring so much to it--a kind
word, a smile, encouragement--those things
that they give to you on a daily or weekly

Have a wonderful holiday--and be blessed.



  1. I'm thankful for you, too, Cindy! Such a great reminder, and your artwork is just stunning!

  2. Great looking art work! Thanks for sharing....Tallulah's

  3. I just love your artwork, Cindy~ just a beautiful piece! Such a great timely message...hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. You are a precious soul Cindy, We are thankful for you also.May the angels watch over you my friend. God bless your beautiful self and your art work. it is a gift from God. xxxx Crystal

  5. I am thankful to have found you as a blog friend, beautiful artwork you show us almost daily. Hope you have you wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Hugs, Kim

  6. What a beautiful message! I'm thankful God brought you into my life.

  7. I am so very thankful for you too, Cindy.

  8. Blessings to you as well! I am reflecting on all God's gifts today and posting on reasons to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Cindy, I am thankful to know you as well. I love how God works through you in your art.

    I am participating in a Giving Thanks Challenge. I did this last year as well. I am reminded of how much I have and how thankful I am to God.

    It is in my side bar for now, but I will be posting it soon.

    Many blessings to you,

  10. Thanks for this reminder, Cindy.
    Bless you, dear friend.

  11. Hi Cindy, we truly have much to be thankful for. God has blessed me beyond measure. You have a blessed Thanksgiving. ♥O

  12. Happy Thanksgiving dearest Cindy. I am so thankful to have you for a friend and I thank God for all the uplifting help he has given us lately.