Thursday, July 29, 2010

Announcing the New Link Party--and My Story for It

I am a writer and I love words. I am fascinated by them, as well as sentence structure. Well, today I asked people to share their favorite word. I remember hearing mine about 20 years ago while watching a television show. I don’t remember what t.v. program it was, but there was a woman the police were looking for to help solve a mystery. Her name was Esperanza. They said it meant “hope” in Spanish. Esperanza became my favorite word then and there!

I actually have 2 more words that I love. They are "serendipity" and "estrella," the latter of which means "star" in Spanish.

But, still ‘esperanza” is my favorite. I love the sound of the word. That is what caught my ear. It is like music. I think it’s the prettiest word I have ever heard. I hope that your “esperanza” grows stronger every day!

If you scroll down, you can add your link and join the inspirational party!

Oh, one more thing that you might find interesting: I remember hearing this several years ago on the radio and that was that families have words that are unique to their own families....Often it is a word that a child says when they are young and the family "adopts" the word (such as in Nancy's post.) It's very interesting, don't you think? On Monday, I will have a funny story to share with you about that.

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  1. Cindy, what a pretty word. Glad you enjoyed mine as I had a hard time with this because I am a nurse not a writer! I have lots of hope btw. bighugs♥olive

  2. Love this Cindy.
    Since my favorite word is still "remember" can I show my art again and use it?

    thanks and blessings

    hope to you!!

    barbara jean

  3. Cindy, thanks for inviting me. I keep seeing these link parties (well all over blog land) and have been shy about doing them as it is something new that I've never done! But this looks easy, so I will try it later today. Thank you!

  4. Hi Cindy,

    It's so much fun to join all of you sharing our favorite words today. When I saw your word, meaning 'Hope' I thought wow...what are the chances of yours being the the same one as mine? Your sharing was so sweet and interesting too.

    Insights of stwant2be is my faith sharing blog and it's new so today I'm living out loud through my words. I'm still bloominginkansas 4 ever.

    Have your favorite kind of day & thank you!

    Patty in Oz

  5. That is a cool word and very different!

  6. I like this. It's interesting to study the meaning behind names.


  7. Esperanza, that is a very pretty word, and I love the meaning.

    xoxo Nancy

  8. How funny!! I wrote to you this morning about my favorite word...before I read this post. We both have the same favorite word...only mine's in English. HOPE!!! I do agree that esperanza is more beautiful and graceful...but still, isn't it funny that we both have the same favorite word. I'll be linking up shortly.


  9. Esperanza that is a wonderful word with a lovely meaning, But my favorite word has always been "Believe."because when I believe everything is possible.

  10. I didn't get a chance to give you my favorite word, but I actually have two... Faith and Believe. "He who has faith as the size of a mustard seed...." Whosoever believeth in him...." With those two words all things are possible.

    Hugs XX