Thursday, July 1, 2010


Guest Artist: Margaret

Isn’t this photography amazing? My friend and fellow blogger Margaret is not only a photographer, but also an artist. When I saw her photo, I couldn’t wait to write some words to go with it--a story to inspire you because I was so moved by it.

The Bible verse contained in this piece is so profound. It is a tremendous guide to live by. It exemplifies how God is always there to be of comfort. But, it is also wonderful to have other people who can share our walk with us. And that is what I have wanted to create here--a space for you to be able to find a “spiritual community” within a quiet place that is intended just for you. Along the way, new friends will come, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and stay awhile. And we can all inspire each other.

We all have a story to tell. Feel free to share yours here. We are multi-faceted human beings with joy, hope, love--the whole gamut of emotions. And since each of our experiences are different we can learn from each other. We can talk about deep concepts and share our insights. Let’s face it--we didn’t get this far along the road of life without gathering some wisdom along the way.

I have a little story to tell you...It’s about my own experience. It is a story that I hope will make you smile. For many years, I owned a children’s music label. I was a voting member of NARAS (The Grammy Awards.) I trained teachers to use music in the classroom to promote self-esteem. But, in the midst of all that, what was my personal dream? My personal dream was to sing “Amazing Grace” with Willie Nelson in my livingroom. Impossible, you think?

I had the wish for over 10 years. And, here’s the funny part: I always told people that it was what I wanted to do as if it was going to happen.

One afternoon, while driving in the car, I heard a radio station in Los Angeles announce that Willie Nelson was going to be a guest on an up-coming show on Friday night. Here was my chance! Or so I thought...

It was a call-in program. Many people called in and asked him questions. A few people called and asked if they could sing a song they had written and have him join in. Well, because of issues regarding copyrights, it wasn’t possible. I knew it was my chance because “Amazing Grace” was public domain! I called and got through. There was Willie on the other end of the line. I asked if he’d sing it with me and he agreed. He said, “Kick it off, Darlin’.” We sang it a capella (no music) and I was so excited!

I write this story to tell you that no matter how impossible something seems to be, faith is a really valuable component of our spiritual lives. We never know what can happen in life. So, that’s my little story. And I know you must have one too. We all need inspiration so feel free to share it. Not only is God our wonderful comfort, but also He gives us the gift of being a solace to each other.

Along with this post comes a special “thank you” to Margaret, not only for her beautifully inspirational work, but also for being there consistently when I email her about suggestions about this spiritual space. Even if she is busy, she always makes time for others and is amazingly helpful and brimming with original ideas! She has contributed so greatly to us realizing the dream of a prayer community here online. I cannot thank her enough as her spiritual walk inspires me daily.



  1. Bee-u-tiful post! You certainly were blessed to sing with that wonderful gravely voice! Precious story! I hope you have a most blessed weekend!

  2. Oh, Cindy, I love that story. My husband and I were just watching Willie last night on AETN here in Arkansas, our public television station.

    Yes, God knows our desires before we even have them.

    I also love photography and art so I will anxiously follow your blog.

    You might be interested in my yesterday's entry--it is about an incredible artist, Randall Hasson and his depiction of C.S. Lewis.

    Looking forward to knowing you better,

  3. I am reminded that when we take time and look toward the sky, we can feel God in the heavens looking down on us and hearing our prayers.
    Margaret's photograph certainly is a wonderful representation of that.

  4. Thank you Cindy for posting my art. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner, but internet hasn't been working. I'm so blessed each day as I come to your new blog and read what you've wrote, and see other artists and their gifts.Hugs Margaret

  5. Hi Margaret,
    I just saw your post as my comment counter is not working on here...I don't know why!
    I'm so happy that you shared this beautiful photo with is priceless!

  6. Another beautiful and inspiring post, Cindy. I love Margaret's is awe-inspiring. What a lovely duet you are!