Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guest Artist--Vicki

When I saw this beautiful photograph from Vicki, I was amazed by how calm the waters look, almost like a mirror. And that made me wonder, when we look into our own mirrors, what do we see? Do we feel good about ourselves or are we feel critical?

If any of you has ever been self-critical, I would ask you to try to view yourself completely positively for ONE week. Yes--for one week. And I mean, believe it and live in that joy!

I remember when I was when high school, there was a popular statement that was seen on bulletin boards and even t-shirts. It was, “I know I‘m special cuz God don’t make no junk!”

Okay, so I know that the grammar is deplorable, but the message is important. We are important because God made us in His image. Therefore, we are a reflection of Him. When we have joy in our hearts, our reflection becomes even brighter. When we reach out to others in a spirit of happiness, it becomes brighter yet.

So, in the next week, go about thinking very positively about yourself. It is amazing what can happen. Feel free to share your stories--I’d love to hear them.

If you are having difficulty staying focused on your one positive week, just remember this beautiful picture, the clear water and the calmness it exudes.

Okay, everyone...ready, set, go!


  1. Thank you,Cindy for the honor of being your guest artist. To think my photo lead to such an important and truthful thought. What a challenge to think positively about ourselves, and remember we are made in His image. Something I need to claim and remember, so I accept. After all my blog started with a similar idea...we are More Powerful Beyond Measure. Thank you again for this special post! Vicki

  2. Hi Vicki,
    Thank you for sharing this photo for people to be able to ponder these important concepts...You are so inspirational!!!!

  3. I love the photo :) :) Okay, Cindy, I'll give this a go :) :) Love and hugs, Heather :)

  4. What a wonderful message Cindy. I started a steroid treatment for my back over 6 months ago. In that 6 months I have gained 28 pounds. (It was official yesterday when I went to the doctor and was weighed! :-( ) Looking in the mirror lately, exspecially a full length mirror has been met with a lot of critisism. I needed to hear this today as it has really been an issue for me.

    Thank you & Take Care~ Sherry F.

  5. Well, we're ALL going to think positive!!! And we'll see all kinds of great changes!

  6. Cindy,

    This is such a GREAT challenege for me and everyone. I am having a time with my daughter who is 16 and is just heartbroken over a guy. I talked to her for a couple hours and tried to let her know that she is so important and that a boy isn't going to make her life better. Yea I know, easier said than done to a 16 yr old love-struck girl. I think I will take your challenege to her and really try to instill in her heart that she is full of great things and how so many people love her and believe in her.
    So thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this today, it really has inspired me, {as I hope to inspire your message to my daughter}.

    Take Care!

  7. Beautiful photo of God's creations, proving He makes no junk. Great post. Gerry

  8. The photo is calming. The message is so important. I have gained alot of weight in the past 2-3 years(about 40 lbs)so my image of myself hasnt been as positive. I am going to take your challenge. With God, all things are possible. Hugs, Kim

  9. I take the challenge!!
    Always love to come here....if it is not an creative idea to take away it is an good insight.

    Have an great day

  10. Dear Cindy,
    Thank you for such a lovely post - it just evokes such a presence of peace! I am working on our "word party" for tomorrow and I cannot wait to share it with you! Have a blessed day my friend!
    <>< Concetta

  11. What a beautiful picture and a beautiful thought.


  12. Cindy,
    Remembering God has his hand in the CALM!
    love yah girl.
    Blessings to you and your hubby!

  13. Beautiful photo by Vicki. Cindy, it does take a concerted effort to keep it positive. When I spend my time serving my family and others I do not have time to complain! bigsqueeze♥olive

  14. I have always loved that saying, and I use it alot. God does not make junk, He makes beautiful hearts like yours sis.

  15. I am so unsure of myself that I constantly am asking others around me (and driving them crazy) if this or that looks alright or if I did something ok. I will try not to seek re-assurance for a week. This will be very hard for me.

  16. I love this post. The picture kind of makes me think of when the waters are calm, you don't loose sight of you.