Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guest Artist: Sherrie

Sherrie was so wonderful to share her new creation with us here on “I Owe it All to Him.”
When I first saw it, I wondered, “How many of us have ever created our own limitations?”

There is an Bible verse that tells us just how important our wishes are. The Lord does, indeed, hear our prayers. In St. John 14:14 we are told, “If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”

In short, God does want to give you your desires. But, this verse clearly lets us know that He wants to be part of the process so that we are guided by Him as to how it will come about in our lives. So, if you are ever doubting that He wants your happiness and success, look back at that verse so that you will be reminded that He does.

Dare to dream and dare to fly and just know that when you go to the Lord for guidance, He will lead you where you need to be. Believe it. Know it. Live it.

Thank you Sherrie for sharing your beautiful talent and allowing us to contemplate some very important concepts.

Sherrie's blog is very beautiful..if you would like to visit it, just click her name where it says "guest artist."



  1. Lovely post and a wonderful message!

  2. Hi Linda,
    Oh thanks so much for commenting...I can't wait til you get to read the story for'll be surprised!

  3. His word, Beautiful!
    Love the post a perfect message'
    Thank you Cindy for doing the Lords work!

  4. My Sweet Sister...thank you for such an encouraging word. I love the reminder to "go" the Lord for guidance. So many times I jump out ahead and end up lost!

    Your blog is beautiful, thank your inviting my image.


  5. Cindy,
    Good morning.
    Well you know I'm lovin' Sherrie's art, not only because it is so beautiful, but because I'm a bird lover. And the quote is great.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for starting mine with a new friend to visit, and encouraging words.


    barbara jean

  6. Oh, it is such a beautiful picture and sure lets us know that the Lord
    wants us to be part of his plan for us...I think it also is a reminder to "step out in faith" even when the road isn't always clear and know that He is watching us and wanting the best for our lives.

  7. Thank you Cindy and Sherrie for this tender pictoral encouragement. That, with your comments are reinforcing the message - actually, the answers from God that I've felt weren't coming as I've prayed in the most difficult time of my life. Thank you for being one more response from the Lord. May He bless you abundantly for your sharing.