Thursday, July 1, 2010

Special "Sanctuary" Event!

Dore’s beautiful “Sanctuary” piece inspired all of us. Margaret was so moved by it that she came up with the idea of us all sharing our personal places of prayer! Yes, that’s how special and generous of spirit the people are who gather here! (Isn’t that such a blessing?)

On Friday, July 9, there will be an opportunity for all of you to share your private prayer space--the place where you commune with the Lord. It can be inside or outdoors. This is my bedroom chair that I told you about that is my prayer space.

If you want to participate, put your photo on your blog and then, link it up here...
We’ll all come visit to see it...Can’t wait to see your wonderful spaces. Wishing you a blessing-filled day.

Now, I invite you to see Margaret's beautiful photographic offering. Please keep going to see it and read the inspirational story for today!



  1. Hi Cindy,
    What a great idea! I'd love to see other blogger's prayer spaces where they tune in to the Lord. I believe in Saints and I'd love to share a little something about my favorite Saint too.

  2. It will be so neat!!! If you know anyone who'd like to join us, please tell them we'd love them to come along!

  3. Good morning Cindy.
    Beautiful special place you have, and great idea to share on the 9th. I better tidy mine up. =)

    re paper:
    I'm just heading off for my morning walk, so will get back to you on that.
    you are right though, probaby too wet.

    hugs and blessings


  4. Cindy
    OK. Here goes with some additional things to try with the tea staining of paper.

    instead of wading it up tight to dip into mug, wad it up slightly and dip in a bigger container. (like a cookie sheet, or pie plate.)
    Then just lay side on a towel till dry.
    This should eliminate the tearing.

    I do use the torn pieces too. just piece them together, or even lay a piece of stained music paper behind it.

    Let me know how it works.

    hugs and smiles

    barbara jean

    PS have some new ideas coming soon. =)

  5. Oh gosh,
    My comment counter isn't working right so I didn't see this comment, Barb!!! Thanks so much...I'll try that.