Thursday, August 12, 2010

Going from "messed to blessed" Part 3

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Hi Everyone...
First, I would like to thank you for going on this sojourn with me! When I started this blog, I wanted it to be real. What I mean by that is that it is very easy for someone to quote scriptures and act like they have life totally together--but that's not me...I'm an explorer. I try something. Then, try something else...For me, life is a journey. It is never stagnant. And I am sure that yours is the same way...If you look back over the years, you will probably recognize changes and situations that you never expected...That is the JOY of life!

Tomorrow will be the day of final pics, but I took these today to share with you...I tried my best to give you a "Taste of New Orleans" from this blog. The Joan of Arc statue has been in my family for years, so when I moved to the south, I asked my mom if I could have it...She said "yes" and I was excited because Joan of Arc is the patron saint of New Orleans.

Tomorrow is also the day of our Link Party--All I need you to do is post your favorite movie on your blog and link it up here. So, that's pretty simple, but it helps us know each other better. Now, as for me, I probably will list 4! Yes, 4. So, stayed tuned to hear what they are AND to hear why I began this little mess-to-bless mini-series...When you read it, I'm sure it will all make sense why I posted it on here to begin with.

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  1. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!!! Wish I could come for a visit tomorrow...not only to enjoy time in your beautiful home, but even more, to put a face to the sweet and creative person I've come to know through this blog.

    I blogged here for three years, before taking a long hiatus beginning last February. Previously, I always thought my blog had to be what I would call know, a profound Scriptural message with every post. I've since realized that the Spirit of Christ can shine even through posts that are not spiritual in nature.

    You will scream at how many movies I'm listing tomorrow---20!!!!! Truly, I have that many favorites, and it is totally impossible to choose.

    Have a lovely evening.


  2. I love this collage pictures you have here. I am always thankful when you visit me. You are quite a delightful lady. Thanks for sharing. Anne

  3. Cindy~ your home is so lovely! Very cozy and welcoming~ I love the colors!

  4. Love your progress - and I love the red walls and the big white piano and the little one underneath and on and on. Most of all, I can so relate to organizing all your crafting supplies. I did that a few years ago - while my husband went on a guy's golfing trip - I stayed home and completely revamped and reorganized my studio - I literally had stuff EVERYWHERE all over our house. He was so good to live with it a few more days while they put in new floors and painted. But, the end result is great and he's very sweet to indulge me with that room. It still gets messy after big projects - but it's so much easier to clean up because of having everything organized and labeled in CLEAR boxes so I can see what's in them! Makes me a happy artist. Thanks for sharing!! I love to see what other crafting areas are like-especially because I may not always have the luxury of a whole room devoted to my artistic endeavors!! Bravo Fellow Cindy!! xoxoch