Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to My New Link Party!

What's my favorite place? It's the beach...I spent most of my life on it in California and I feel at home whenever I am looking at the it!!! And here is a video that I am sure you will love--it is sublime!
Oops--I put an extra "s" in desert!


  1. So neat that you live right on the water Cindy, you're very lucky. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio where there is NOTHING here...well, yeah there's the Ohio River but who wants to swim in that? LoL! Eric (my boyfriend) has a camper at a private lake called Lake Waynoka in Sardinia, Ohio and we go there from time to time and i LOVE swimming in that lake. I'm so self conscious about my body and being in a bathing suit really doesn't sound good to me, but I went this year, and had a blast!

    I just am now seeing the Link Party for the first time, so I am going to leave here and post something on my page again about my favorite place to be. Thanks for such a great idea!

    Also thank you for the email it's nice to be noticed when you're not around, lol. I wrote a blog about where I had been and what has kinda been going on with me as of late. Which all explains my absence.

    Take Care and {HUGS}

  2. Hi Cindy - love the video. That is a beautiful song. I more of a mountain person (see my post) but beaches are nice also.


  3. I love the beach, will have to check out the video later (when the rest of the house is awake, LOL).

  4. oh cindy hun I have this song,as when I first heard it I went imediatley for the words,like my book that you have seen on my blog,eyes to me mean a lot as they are the windows,to your soul,that is why I have taken so long to get that book made,should have written something on my blog,but always think people think I am daft hugs cheryl xxx

  5. Cindy,
    I love the post thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful friday.

  6. Wow Cindy, you are a real Gidget! I visit the boardwalks in NJ as often as I can. That's where I'm originally from. I love seeing the ocean.
    Beautiful song too! Her song, Fallen, is one of my favorites.
    Have A Great Weekend,
    xoxo Nancy

  7. Thanks for this post Cindy. I am linking up with you today on my Fun Fridays post. Have a blessed day!

  8. Love the song and video Cindy. beautiful harmonies.
    Take care, Love and hugs

  9. home sweet home

  10. Hi Cindy,
    My favourite place is at the beach too! My hubby and I are beach bums this time of year because every nice day will find us out there. We live about fifteen minutes from the nicest beaches north of Florida {in our opinion}. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful weekend.


  11. Hi Cindy!

    I've missed you! :) Still busy with orders coming in. Not a break all summer! Almost caught up though and then I can get back to creating! Yippee! Lots going on some good some bad, so this is easy for me. My favorite place is the beach! It's mine and Gods' santuary and it works everytime I need his peace. Hope your doing well. Miss you! Hugs and Stuff! :)

    Bless You

  12. Dearest Cindy, I agree..the ocean is the plce to be...Love the sound, smell, sight and the feel of sand under my feet...
    The Angel song is a special one for ,e. My daughter-in-law sang it and won a talent quest last year. I had never heard it before is truley beautiful..
    God Bless you so much today...Crystal Mary xxxx