Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wishing You a Great Day!

Guest Artist: Chris


Hi Everyone:

When I saw this wonderful, carefree piece on Chris’ blog, I knew it would be something you would all enjoy seeing. She does some amazing art, including this piece....As you look at her work, it all tells a story. How delightful!

I love how this piece says, “Have a great day” because that is what I am wishing all of you. And the rainbow sky? I wish you rainbows too and the carefree feeling of being a child again....Wouldn’t it be great to have just ONE day like that? Why not make it today?

What a plan, yes?

I think it would be wonderful to wake up and make a decision to let things “roll off our backs,” not stress and pick at least just ONE thing to totally enjoy at some point in our day, whether it’s a cup of tea, a conversation with a friend, or a good book...

I’m ready to do it...I’m ready to set aside any worry or negativity and just let things “flow.” When something comes my way that I have to deal with, I’m handing it over to the Lord who watches over all of us....I’m going to use faith instead of might and joy instead of stress....

I invite you to join me.

And thank you Chris for giving us all this inspiration--you are a blessing!

If you would like to leave a message on Chris' blog, just click the link at the top of this post.



  1. Wow, this is stunning! So beautiful!!! And some great advice, too, Cindy! Thank you. We all need to practice this more! Worrying doesn't accomplish anything!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Lovely post! Her artwork is beautiful and I'd love to seek joy instead of stress, too!

  3. Ahh, thankyou Cindy, enjoy everyday !

  4. A lovely message for today Cindy. I'm sure I shall find some joy in mine!
    And what beautiful art from Chris. I've seen this one before. She is so clever and I love to see what she creates.
    You go girl!!
    Hugs June xx

  5. Well, I AM going to be a child again...just for today...tonight really. We are going to the fair. I will eat junk food, play games, look at the animals, and maybe even go on a couple rides (maybe not, though, as I DO struggle with motion sickness.)

    SUCH a lovely...and needful...post.


  6. Thank you Cindy for a great reminder to seek out joy each and every day! I tend to be a worry wort, so I really need to heed your advice! Gorgeous work by Chris! Love the colors. It makes me think of when I was little girl and loved nothing better than to be outdoors enjoying nature and the many pets we had :) Have a great day!

  7. That is lovely. Find joy in all that you do....Have a great day.

  8. It is pretty. I am having a great day by the way! hugs♥olive

  9. Love this piece. Thanks for sharing it with us. That is one of the hardest parts of being a parent,I think. Letting go. After playing musical refrigerators this weekend, (son is moving into his own home), I had lots of opportunities to practice letting it roll off! Sheesh! Love, CH.

  10. Beautiful card and wonderful words from you! Enjoy your day Mx

  11. Have you all been able to find your Inner Child today? I sure hope so! I ended up going on a scavenger hunt in search of "rusty" items for a special Hurricane Katrina project that I'm working on...My husband and I drove throughout the parish trying to find something to create art with...We stopped by to see some friends--and they had it at their home--YAY!
    Good day!!!!

    Hmm, if there were fireflies, I'd try to catch them just like in Chris' piece!

  12. Hi Cindy...this was really neat and encouraging...work is starting to get challenging and I need to remember these wise words :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)