Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Entry For the Link Party

Hi Everyone--
Today is the day of the Link Party, of course...And I need to tell you my list of favorite movies...

I love Pollyanna, Gidget, and The Little Princess (with Shirley Temple.) And my favorite “grown-up” movie is “Sweet Dreams” about Patsy Cline...I love all movies that are true stories about people in the music business...If you haven’t seen Cadillac Records, it is really worth seeing and it’s a true story too.

When Patti told me she was listing 20 movies, I figured I could add some more, so here goes...Splendor in the Grass, My Cousin Vinny, Something’s Gotta Give, The Devil Wears Prada, As Good As it Gets...and Good Will Hunting...

But, what movie was really amazing and very real? Fireproof with Kirk Cameron...If you haven’t seen it, try to rent it...It’s worth it!


  1. Hey girl. I am not a movie watcher, but, we did see Fireproof. It is a movie everyone should see.

    Hope you have a great weekend


    barbara jean

  2. My Goodness, you have such a list.
    I can't begin to count all my favourites but a lot are older ones. For something up to date I love Avatar.
    My favourite movie of all time is A Walk in the Clouds with Keanu Reeves.
    I'll post something on my blog later tyoday.
    June xx

  3. Hey Cindy...wish i had a dollar for every time i saw Dirty Dancing!!! Footloose is coming in at a close second to that one ~ love the music and Kevin Bacon :D i watch the black and whites on weekends...Bette Davis is a fav...they don't make 'em like they used to...
    have to agree with June...Avatar is a recent favorite ~ and i've seen all 3 of the Twilight saga and love them...going tonight to see ~EAT PRAY LOVE~ with Julia the book...hope it's 1/2 as good as the read!!!


  4. Of your list, the only ones I know are Pollyanna and The Little Princess. I've seen both Facing the Giants and Flywheel, but I've never seen Fireproof.

    When I was growing up, my dad used to listen to Patsy Cline. Although I think she was already dead then, he really liked her. I'm sure I would hear a song in the movie, and my long-term memory would recognize it.

    This is a fun idea for a's always interesting to find out what others like to watch.

    Have a fabulous day.


  5. I bought Fireproof last year, but have yet to sit down and watch it. Maybe a popcorn night is coming up :-)


  6. Oh my goodness, Cindy, I love these link parties of yours. I love movies so I will most definitely share. The problem is where on earth will I cut the list? ;) It's endless really. I'll share a few of my favorites.

    You have a gorgeous Friday, none other than the 13th. ;)

  7. AS GOOD AS IT GETS and GOOD WILL HUNTING are really something special. For some reason I don't own 'As Good'... I shall order it now. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Yes, Fireproof is a wonderful story of God redeeming a marriage. Did you know that Kirk Cameron put his wife in the scene where they kissed because he would not kiss another woman?

  9. I did not know that about Kirk cameron in the above post. That is neat. I have a comment about your fave movies, but not tell I make my post tomorrow, then you will understand. :)

  10. Hi, Fun link party. :) I haven't seen Fireproof but I do love Kirk Cameron and his family and their wonderful ministry in show business. :) Have a blessed week! :)

  11. One of my all-time favorite movies is "Life is Beautiful". I can't even begin to tell you how that movie movies my heart. It is a love story during WWII, about a Jewish man who marries, has a son and then they are sent to concentration camps. And yet, it is a movie of love and hope.

    I should be ashamed of this: but I love watching Indie movies with all the Indian dancing! Actually, any movie with dancing usually catches my eye! lol!

  12. Hi Cindy, I haven't watched Fireproof yet, Ill have to put that on my list of movies to see. Gidget is fantastic! I love when they put the original tv show on, I will watch every episode. Have A Wonderful Weekend!
    xoxo Nancy

  13. Oh, I agree on Fireproof!! I love it too, as you know! :)
    If you like Fireproof, you'll love Faith Like Potatoes! :P LOL

    Have a great day!