Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going from "Messed" to "Blessed"

If you remember, on Monday I talked about clearing the clutter in our lives...
I am a person who believes in “a place for everything and everything in its
place.” My upstairs looks like a “bed and breakfast” because it is only used
for company. Here’s an example of my living room to give you an idea:

BUT, this is what my work center in my kitchen looked like when I wrote that post--I kid you not! (Within my first month of continuous crafting and blogging, things were on top of each other until it reached critical mass.)


By 5 a.m. the next morning, after working all through the night, I filled 18 clear shoeboxes with various art supplies that had been painstakingly sorted. My husband and I had purchased cabinets for everything to be labeled and stored in. I was starting to see that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel by the time these were stacked on my kitchen table.

My BIG surprise will be coming in a few days! (That is if God blesses me with fortitude--and blesses my husband with completing his brand-new “honey-do” list--you guessed it--putting the cabinets together!)

(Now, I am sure you can understand why I wanted Samantha from "Bewitched" to show up and wiggle her nose and clean it all up for me!)



  1. Great job Cindy!!
    Way to keep at it.

    I have messes like that too, but never quite seem to get finished organizing it before i make another mess.
    such is life in the fast lane i guess.


    barbara jean

  2. Cindy~ Well, you have had your work cut out for you but you have come a long way! That is a lot of work... I actually tried to stay off the internet and I got 2 alchemy orders for etsy done, my post on making the vintage brooch card done, etsy order packed and ready to go. (which means a few business cards cause mine came with the wrong email) worked a little on my creative spirit project... See what we can do when we pur our mind to it... or stay of the net for me!! You have a beautiful home and I cant wait to see your completed project!!

  3. your 'bed and breakfast' room is lovely...

    my craft room and work space looks similar to yours :D guess it comes with the territory :D


  4. Oh Cindy, the messes I have seen. The trouble is I make a mess clean it up and another mess just follows right behind. Someone should come up with a way to create with out making a mess! Think of it you could craft in the middle of that beautiful living room and still welcome guests at the end on the day. Isn't it funny we call it a living room, yet we never use it.

  5. Your living room is gorgeous!! What a haven of beauty you have created there.

    Blessings and hugs,

  6. I often think of Samantha 'Bewitched' when that question come up what super power would you have I always say would lve to twitch my nose like Samantha. What a fantastic power that would be hey?

    It's all looking pretty fabby npw your sorting out good luck with the cabanets.

    I wanted to thank you for the lovely story you told about 'Stella' Every thing happens for a reason and I am so happy that Stella has a loving new home. You will have to upload a photo of her in your side bar so I we can all see her

    Love Dawn xx

  7. I always make a huger mess when I am cleaning and organizing. It just has to be that way! And I would be the type to stay up til it's finished. But, doesn't it feel good?

  8. Cindy,
    It looks like you are making good process there. I am glad to see when crafters show their messes, I like to see I am not alone :)
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  9. Here is a blog of a friend of mine. I thought that you would enjoy it. I tried to send a message, but it didn't work.


  10. You are too cute. I am a bit of a paradox in that the old house is a wreck and I keep the yellow house clean and orderly. The old house is just impossible as plaster sheds every where and it disheartens me. I admire your organizational zeal very much. hugs♥olive

  11. Your living room is gorgeous but I can’t wait to see your project finish.
    Have a joyful and blessed day,

  12. A lot of work that will pay off!

  13. Oh my. You have made an enormous amount of progress. You will feel so empowered when you get it all organized and put in its rightful place -- and imagine all the lovely treasures you will rediscover (not only the trinkets, but creativity). Your mind and imagination will be free to travel even further. Watch out world -- here she comes! God will most certainly bless you and keep you in His loving care, Cindy!

  14. Hi Cindy..You have inspired me to keep on with my organizing week! I do love the WOYWW and so glad to get to visit your other site. It's wonderful and uplifting :) Nan

  15. Beautiful living room! Well, you ought to see my little art studio and then you would feel better!

  16. Love the living room but love organizing even more. I don't like clutter, it overwhelms me, but I live with three more people so I've come a long way.

  17. I wish you'd start a meme on this topic.

  18. From messed to blessed! Love that motto! Way to try to go! What is really sweet and true is your honesty.

    My work room upstairs is quite 'a busy place' it's called. Lately I've been closing the door so that my husband doesnt' see it at all. Some days I dont' even want to see it. I just simply have quite a few projects going. I've found that participating in swaps really brings the clutter...but so much fun too. I do have a plan to get organized. Someone mentioned it takes time and sacrifices. Oh yes! In one of my favorite books - Sarah made a post titled "If not now...When?" There's times I write those words out and post them on my mirror. Those words motivate me. I just love watching people get organized and share their ideas as you did. Thank you Cindy!

    Can't wait to see your surprise...yes, the finished project.