Thursday, August 5, 2010

Your Favorite Song



  1. Hi Cindy,

    I hope to get my post up soon... as soon as I figure out which song is my favorite! I love lots of songs, and don't know if I can pick one favorite!!!

    I am starting a new meme on Monday called "Something Beautiful" and I wanted you to be the first person I invite to join! It's simply a weekly meme highlighting "something beautiful"! Your posts are always beautiful anyway! :) But if you would like to join, I'd love it!

    Have a wonderful day!


    (And of course, anyone else reading this is more than welcome to join!)

  2. Thanks so much, Cindy! (for your comment on my blog) I'd love for you to post my button... just as soon as I figure out how to make a button... It's probably so easy. But I haven't figured it out yet! LOL :) (Is a button simply the picture with a link? You can tell I have my brother do most of the techy stuff!) :D

  3. I read about your post Mosiac Magpie and came over. It is beautiful. I've written about my favorite song at my blog..and become a "follower." Thanks :)

  4. Oh my, this one is really going to be difficult. I'll give it some thought and I'll try to choose only a few. Cindy, thanks for all you do to brighten the hearts across this place.

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I FINALLY chose a favorite song! It was really hard because I like so many songs! In fact, last week's was hard, too! But guess what? Next week's question is one I KNOW the answer to right away! It's going to be super easy because I don't have to pick a favorite movie... I already know which is my favorite! So see you next week! :)

  6. Hi Cindy,
    My song was found on an older post...I have linked to there with an update on it to reference this song link up invite...hugs

  7. It was difficult to choose which one from my blog!
    And i have already for an week computer problems with my sound...So this week i can't do the "rounds" to everyone to hear all the different songs.....

    You have great idea's Cindy...Thanks for all those lovely things on your blog!

    Blessed Sunday and have an great week!

  8. Hi Cindy, As I wrote on one of my older posts, I have about a zillion favorite praise and worship songs with about 1000 top faves. Blessed be Your Name is right up on top and I've linked to that post with a Smilebox eCard of the song sung by Robin Mark. As so many other commenters have already said, picking one is REALLY hard. BUT I can pick one genre - praise and worship music is definitely my favorite. :) Thanks for another fun link party. Have a blessed week. :)

  9. I purposely didn't post my favorite song this week. I did want to right a story on my blog, then thought better of it because I didn't want my dear sweet husband to take it wrong. For years I always had music on. K-Love was my fave radio station, and if not that you can bet I had some Christian music playing.
    But, then my husband came into my life. He is very talented, musically. He's always writing songs, singing songs, blasting the radio and singing to it...I do so enjoy listening to him. But, now, most of the time..I love the sound of silence. Early in the morning before anyone wakes up, or late at night(such as now) are golden moments of silence for me.
    I love music and I love my husbands singing, but I truly love the quiet as well.