Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monday Message

Hi Everyone--
I imagine that last week you must have wondered why I took you on my revamp journey about the art center....Well, as you can see above, it is all done...3 big cabinets did the trick--hooray! (By the way, this big cabinet is in an alcove that is not visible to people walking into the house. It's in an area in my family room that is not accessible to visitors.)

But, there is a bigger reason and "method to my madness." You see, when you looked at the first picture of the mess last week, you could certainly tell that this was a daunting task to clean up...Not something with a simple solution or "quick fix." Sometimes life's problems are like that, but when something gets cleared up, we feel so much better! Problems don't feel great when we are going through them, that's for sure.

However, do you know what made me feel like I could get it all done? Because I had each one of you cheering me on and giving me confidence....I kept thinking of "The Little Engine That Could." So, you see, it is also important to turn to those we need in life when things aren't going the way we planned...someone to say a prayer for us or someone who believes in us and our capabilities...and it is important to pray. God makes all things possible. So, we need to learn to turn to Him even for the tiniest things.

If you are ever encountering a problem, just remember my art mess! And remember that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!

Please scroll down to be part of my new drawing!


  1. Congrats Cindy on your Huge Accomplishment! Thanks for the encouraging words as well! Job well done my friend!

  2. A lovely post Cindy with a deep meaning.
    Love to you.
    June xx

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. So true...My Pastor preached such a good message on shame and restoration and your post just confirmed it...Don't you love when God uses exclamation points like that? Have a wonderful week, Patty

  5. When we are going through difficulties, we need encouraging voices, not negative ones. I've been through my share of trials where, sadly, the only voices around me were anything but encouraging. Those voices only made me feel worse.

    We always need to remember that our words (whether spoken or written here in blog land) have the power to build up and encourage OR to tear down and discourage. Oh, may the Lord use my voice to encourage others, to give hope to them, instead of hurting them more.


  6. So well said, isnt that the truth. We someimes forget that when we are in times of struggles and just need others to help us remember and be there to care. Thanks for caring, my sweet friend in blogland.

  7. Cindy,
    Great post! I could sure use some support and prayer as my dad goes in for another cancer surgery on his nose on Wed. it is his 3rd go round.
    I've been kind of in a funk the past couple of days, and i think that is why. cannot seem to concentrate to get anything done, and the list just gets longer.
    Several dr appointments i need to make for myself but just do not get it done. Not much in the mood to see people really.
    Thanks for your support


    barbara jean

  8. I'm glad you were able to get things fixed up. I thought the practical and spiritual application were very nice. I'll definitely remember your words. Oh, I was drooling at all the fun art stuff in those clear plastic boxes :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)