Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Bloom Where You're Planted" and The Blog Guide Book

Guest Artist: Donna

Her blog:

Hi Everyone--

Today I am featuring the work of Donna and I would really encourage you to visit her blog as she has some amazingly inspiring projects on there! I saw this picture of her fleur de lis sconces and it made me think of something really important that I wanted to talk to you about.

I am currently in New Orleans and the fleur de lis is its symbol. I am new to the area and moved here after Hurricane Katrina. The people are very welcoming and make me feel right at home. Do I hear jazz music all the time? No. I did when I lived in the French Quarter...I live 8 miles from there now in a small, seaside village where many people have been shrimpers and crabbers all their lives...It is an area rich in history and the Battle of New Orleans took place here.

I think about the statement “Bloom Where You’re Planted” and feel like we can all bloom wherever we are and enjoy the simple pleasures of a particular area. What’s my favorite thing here? The people. They’re so friendly. And I am near water so there’s boats and a beautiful it!

What do you love about where you are from? Share it with us--we’d love to hear it!

And thank you, Donna for being a guest artist today--your creations and repurposing projects are amazing!

Also, I have just joined the Blog Guide Book to announce this prayer blog and link parties on it....I believe that more people will be aware that there is a place where someone cares about them!

Oops! And one more thing--tonight I will post the link for the blog party which asks, "What is your favorite place?"


  1. HI Cindy! How are you doing? Good I see! I've been to this blog and it is truly wonderful. Beautiful photos. I enjoy seeing what you post and I'm sorry I haven't commented much. My mother has been terribly sick so I'm being a nurse....
    I do enjoy the part of blogging where it feeds your soul!
    Blessings to you my friend.

  2. Hi Cindy!

    I live in Central New York and love the beautiful countryside. There are some areas with beautiful fields here that are so fun to take pictures of. I love the area I live in. I live close enough to a city, but far enough away to say I live in a rural area. We live on a big piece of property with woods, a small stream, lots of green and wild blackberries! We have lots of space! (room for gardens, flowerbeds, etc! I'm even thinking about planting blueberry bushes.) One "simple pleasure" I enjoy is the fact that we recently got a dirtbike, and we have enough field and paths to have a great place for riding dirtbikes... while most people have to map out the bad trails in the area, we have our own great set of trails in our backyard! We really are blessed! It's beautiful here! And we have so much to be thankful for! I love to hear the crickets chirping at night and the frogs from a neighbor's pond making their sounds. It's so peaceful. I just need to remember to enjoy it more often as I tend to get running from one thing to the next and forget to enjoy what's around me!

    Have a great day!


  3. Hi Cindy, the best thing about where I am is that travelling to other countries is easy and budget-friendly. I am able to visit places that many only get to see on The Discovery Channel. I've already been to places I never even dreamed of. Have a terrific Thursday! :) Tammy

  4. I love my family and friends, the environment wild birds and furry friends. I particularly love furry friends because they are unconditional.
    On your advise I went to the fair today and saw Huey Lewis and the News live concert. I've never done that and I had a great time shaken up my old bones. (lol)

  5. What I love about where I live is the peace and quiet and my neighbors are just the horses. I also love that I live on a dead in street and our church is at the end, it takes less than a minute to get there.

  6. It sounds to me that you are all blooming where you are planted!!

  7. We live in an old railroad town in the South that is rich in history in a tumble down 150 yr old house that presents daily challenges. We also have a newer house that has a flower garden and wonerful loving neighbors. It is complicated but we are blessed to have both.

  8. Thank you so much for featuring me today, Cindy! I am so thrilled and honored! I so agree with you about blooming where we are planted! And it's the simplest pleasures that are the most meaningful, I think! I am an aqua girl, and feel fortunate to live on a lake. Here in Michigan, we are so proud of our Great Lakes! They are truly amazing! I am happiest when I am out enjoying nature, and spending time with our little cocker spaniel is so important to me too, as I am a huge animal lover!

  9. Hi Cindy - I haven't visited in a couple of weeks, and I'm glad to be back.

    I live in rural East Texas and I love living in the country. I love being outdoors (except when the weather is hot). I love taking nature walks, seeing wildlife, and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.


  10. hey girl!

    will go visit later, but right now in middle of garage sale at my place. may see the outside world by next Wed when we have a tea party scheduled at the shop

    hope you week has been great!


    barbara jean

  11. I love Donna's creations. I have purchased several things from her Etsy Shop... that give my house a French flair!!