Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If God Was Coming to Dinner

Guest Artist: Dore

I saw this beautiful table setting by Dore--Isn’t it pure delight? It made me wonder what we would feel like if we thought that God was coming to dinner at our house...What would we wear? What would we ask Him? Would we scrub every nook and cranny?

Then, I started to think that in reality, He is at the table of our lives every day. Do we make Him feel welcome? Do we converse with Him and make Him feel as if He is really important to us?

I reflect on this table setting and I think that if my heart was as welcoming as this, the Lord would always feel like He has a place in my heart to reside. You know what the best part is? I don’t have to wait for a special occasion to invite Him in. Nor do I have to wait for everything to go “downhill” before realizing that I need His help in all the decisions of my life. I can do it now. It only takes a minute to say, “God I welcome you and accept your guidance in my life.”

I feel like Dore’s beautiful setting is the inspiration I need to always keep this in mind. It is such a poignant picture. It is such a true reflection of how our hearts should be--welcoming and intent on making the Lord feel at home there.

I remember years ago when my son was little, I took him to Disneyland. We were gone all day and when I walked through the door that evening, I found out that there would be guests coming to stay for a few days (friends of friends) and that I needed to cook a big, formal dinner for the next night. To say the least, I sprang into action!

When the guests arrived the next night, they were made to feel very welcome. The dinner table was set with finest china and silver. The most beautiful linens were chosen for the occasion. Everything was in its place. And then as we ate, we started to talk and they were the kindest, most wonderful people. I was delighted. What they did for me spiritually was much more than what I offered them in the way of accommodations and a well-prepared meal. They gave me what I needed spiritually.

If we live our lives in such a manner that we make God feel welcome, He can bring us joy that is beyond measure. So, set your spiritual table and make Him feel at home in your heart. Each day is an opportunity to get closer to the One who created us and sustains us from moment to moment.

Dore, thank you for this inspiration--it brings me such JOY to share it with others and show them your amazing creativity!

If you want to see a gorgeous designer blog, take a look at "Dore's World." It is spectacular. Just click the name "Dore" that is written up above right after the words "Guest Artist."

And, please, one more thing--if you have a chance, please visit Renee's blog at some point today or tonight...She has a video on it that you won't believe...it is beautiful! Get out the kleenex because I promise, you will need it...Renee's blog button is on the sidebar...just click it.


  1. Thank you Cindy,
    You brought tears to my eyes...I am so honored that you would feel that my china would inspire your post and a spiritual dinner with the Lord.

    I will always think of your post when I on special occasion bring out and set the table with my bird china!

    As I have said before, you are a woman of God, and one to love.
    I will be back to take in more of your love and beauty.

  2. Oh Dore,
    It is such a beautiful table setting AND with the birdcage! We both have bird cages in our dining rooms--how special is that?

    I couldn't help thinking that if the Lord came to dinner, I'd have to make chocolate brownies because that's the best thing I make...I thought you'd love that one!

  3. Send a chocolate brownie over here please Cindy!
    A wonderful post as always. You have such a wonderful way with words and can express things that I can hardly dare think about. I love reading your blog daily. Bless you.
    And I love Dore's bird china! xx

  4. Good morning Cindy!

    What a wonderful delight, your writing and the breath taking table setting by Dore. What is Dore's blog site...I look forward to seeing it very much.

    Life is very full these weeks...I've missed reading, visiting my blogger friends to see what everyone is up to. The bird art is so very cheery...makes me smile BIG.

    Can you believe I have a similar bird cage too?

    Thank you for sharing! You mentioned a button for Dore...which one? I'm still new to blogging and get caught up....it comes with age.

    Brownies? Someone said brownies? Um....

    Be blessed everyone.

  5. That is a beautiful post. I have to ask Renee whee she bought those dishes. I love birds and have written several (published) stories about them. I have birds all over my home. Yes, G-d is with us every day in every thing we do. Practicing His presence is a wonderful exercise.

  6. It's a beautiful table setting indeed. Thank you Cindy for sharing your find and thoughts on the Lord coming to tea. I pray I am always worthy to have the Lord in my heart

    Love Dawn xx

  7. Those dishes she has are just beautiful but that what you wrote is so meaningful. It does just want to reach out for a closer relationship with Him.

  8. What a beautiful post! Food for thought as well as a delight for the eyes. I really have some thinking to do about what I'd put on MY table if the Lord was coming~


  9. Well, I am on my way to bed....so I can't visit the blogs you mention. But I did have to chuckle because I tend to be very informal. If Jesus were to come to my home we might even eat off of my enamal ware dishes! I don't know what it is , but I use them constantly....I feel like I am camping I suppose. Have a blessed night.

  10. I love that place seating. It is definitely fit for a King....