Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monday Message

Hi Everyone...
This week, my Monday Message is simple--"Clear it up!" What does that mean? Well, I have been struggling with a cluttered art space and I just got 2 large cabinets tonight that my husband is putting together for me...But, I've got to clear all art materials--paints, lace, buttons, flowers--you name it! It will take ALL week!

It got me to thinking that clearing things up is very cathartic and healthy...For some people, "clearing up" may not be about visible items. It may be about clearing up misunderstandings or even coming to terms and having peace about inner struggles.

So, I am wishing you a week that will make you see more clearly and give you personal understanding and deeper spirituality.

As I started this personal experience, I started hearing the "Rocky" theme in my head. I was wishing that Elizabeth Montgomery could come over, wiggle her nose and make everything end up where it needs to be...Hmmm, is there a bead from Hobby Lobby that I don't own? I think so...but if that's true, I'm not sure which bead it is! lol

Have a beautiful week!


  1. You go girl!
    I'm needing to do the same thing!


    barbara jean

  2. Too cute Cindy! One of the funnest things about your week is going to be finding all those "beads" you forgot you had! Its like Christmas or a trip to the craft store all over again! You will be inspired and want to stop and craft at every turn... keep a pad of paper and pencil and write down all of your creative thoughts. You will have projects for the next few months! Enjoy, because you will be doing it again soon... lol!!!

    Take Care~ Sherry

  3. I've tried twitching my nose several times to see if I'm witchy enough to clear up my space! Obviously not but I loved your post Cindy.
    June xx

  4. Well Cindy you could have been in my world!
    it is only "Clearing-up " that is going on in my world......In my home..."Summer" de-cluttering....Now we have an "stacation" we notice more the clutter around us......
    When you come to my blog you can see i cleared-up a lot!!
    Well so you can imagine i had to smile when i read your monday message!

    Have an great week!

  5. Organization is highly spiritual as well, isn't it? Have a great week.

  6. If you could only see the house we are trying to clear stuff out of to move into.It is a great challenge and I know will be a great blessing but I'm not seeing it yet.

  7. It is always such a wonderful feeling to "get things cleared up"--whether it is in our home or our personal life.

    I have been purging lately and I plan to purge some more today.

    Have a happy time cleaning up this week.

  8. Cindy,
    Hi there! So true except for me its the inside of me. I was reading a book that talks about something similar. Writing down all your hurts and then burning the page and letting go of all that mess so that you can be healthier in spirit.

  9. Cindy,
    That meaning "clear it up" or "clearing it up" really is fitting for so many aspects of ones life! I really love how you tied "clear it up" into misunderstandings as well as clearing up things in our own lives.

    Really loved this post!

    Now Cindy I have to ask you something! I need you to email me your sddress "clearing it up" to as am I reading the letters right :)

    I want to thank you sooooo! very much for the wonderful tag that is soooo! me. I adore the lower case "d" on it for Dore, or doll :) in anycase you are over the top with gifting me your beautiful art put to a tag I will treasure.

    It is on my desk where it belongs so it will get all the attention it deserves.
    Cindy where did you get your heart...You are a woman to love.
    Blessings big time to you my loving friend.

    PS email me your address :)

  10. You have given me my thought to ponder as I go to sleep and say my prayers. (in just a few minutes!)

    What in my life needs clearing up? I will truly pray about this and let you know.

  11. Hi Cindy,
    We must both be on the same wave length. Tomorrow I will be doing some major cleaning up of my own. while I'm at it I think I'll get rid of all the distractions,t.v,music and just think about what I need to do in my life as well.

    hugs lynn

  12. Oh, that is very true and very funny too!!! I literally need to clean up my room...still...since March...I gave my dad my bookcases when we moved...because his had black mold on them...Now I have all this stuff around my room, and nowhere to put it all :) :) So I'll have to begin getting rid of some items soon...So far everything else is good...literally and figuratively...but if I need any other cleaning up, I'll make sure to do that :) :) :) Have a great week, Cindy. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)