Sunday, August 22, 2010

Message Monday and Drawing Winner

Hi Everyone:

I received this picture in my email on Friday and was so excited...June from Junibears made it just for me! What an amazing surprise from my talented friend! It made me realize that as we come on here, we make friendships through the internet with people we might never have the wonderful luck to meet otherwise.

I am actually not one who loves being on the computer. But, when I began blogging, I realized that it was a way to connect with people who in many ways may know us better than our own families. If we’re not on for a day or a week, they worry about us. I’m not sure if most people’s neighbors have that much concern for each other.

But, there’s more to my internet story than that....Six years ago, I was teaching an ESL class in Los Angeles. A young student of mine (about 19 years old) gave me a beautiful jacket when the semester ended in January...I was stunned. She also gave me a picture from a calendar page that was of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She said, “Teacher, I brought this to you so that God would bless you to meet a wonderful man.”

A few nights went by. The coat was hung in the closet in my apartment. The picture was on my desk. I worked teaching night school and I came in one night, was totally alone, and went on the internet to look up something. Then, I found a chat room. I was familiar with it as I had Web was like a computer for families and people in the chat rooms were really nice.

So, I went into a chat room and saw a conversation on the screen between 2 men who were talking about needing lights on their trucks. I had an F-150 truck, but had never heard of those lights....So, I said to the one man, “Excuse me. What kind of lights are you talking about? I drive a truck and I’m worried that I don’t have the right lights and I don’t want to get a ticket.”

He said, “Oh, those are lights for a fire truck. You’re fine. You don’t need them.” I was very relieved!

We talked for awhile and laughed and joked. Then, he called me. We talked for 3 hours. A few nights later, I met him in person at a restaurant. He drove 150 miles to come see me. All I could think when I went home was, “I’ve got to see him again tomorrow.” What a strange thing to think!

There is a punchline here--We are married and will celebrate our 5th anniversary in December. My Monday Message is that you never know who you will meet on here or why....I guess sometimes fate just takes over.

Also, I would like to announce the winner of the burlap tag--it is Donna from My Shabby Chateau--congratulations, Donna!

Hugs to you all and have a wonderful week.

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  1. Thank you so much Cindy for your gorgeous tag! I am so excited! The verse is especially fitting for me right now! And that is just so cool how you met your hubby :) My hubs & I met on a blind date that I almost backed out on at the last minute!! So you never know..... :)

  2. Cindy, What a wonderful story and really kind funny in a way....
    Little did you know at that moment that trucks lights will bring you two together.
    I just love to hear how couples met.All the stories are so different yet all equally beautiful and romantic.
    Have a happy & blessed week,

  3. That's so cool!! Thank you so much for sharing! I love to hear how God brought people together! And for those who aren't married, it is exciting to see what God will do as they trust Him. I love it!!

    It is also so wonderful to meet so many special people through blogging! That's another exciting thing to see who God will bring across your path.

    I'm sorry I missed the link party. My schedule has been very hectic, and I've also been on vacation. Perhaps I can try to add my answer to this week's question to my post for next week's link party... if that made any sense...

    Have a fabulous day!! I'm certainly glad I met you through blogging! :)

  4. Oh, and I forgot to say... It's funny that you said this. Because today I was just thinking, I hope Cindy's okay, because I haven't heard from her for a few days! :)

  5. Cindy,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sorry it took me so long to repay the kindness...however, I've just arrived home from visiting my son who just graduated from BCT in Fort Benning, GA! I'm one proud Mama and a little achey around the heart area too!

    Your blog is just lovely. I can see why you and Patti have so much in common! Thanks again for visiting and may the Lord bless you!!

  6. That is an awesome story. I have a neighbor who met a guy online--they talked for days, weeks, months, etc. Turned out they lived in the same city and worked one block apart--small world! They've been married close to 10 years I think.

    So glad you told us that story!

  7. What a lovely post Cindy for a very wet Monday morning here. Thank you for sharing how you met up with your husband. He sounds a lovely guy.
    My second husband and I met at school at 14 years old. Every time I looked up from my desk he was looking at me with his big blue eyes. We lost touch, I married and had two children. Eventually we met again and have now been married 25 years.
    God sure moves in mysterious ways!

    And thank you for showing off my picture to you,it looks great on your blog!
    Much love
    June xx

  8. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story and lovely piece from talented June.
    I am one of the famous couples on tv...ha ha
    We met on 2005
    Hugs my internet friend.

  9. I met Jerry on the net too, in a very strange fashion. We weren't in a chat, forum, or dating club. We keep it quiet though, he wants it that way. I think it's silly. God used the net to bring us together, which to me is a wonderful story!

  10. What a sweet story.

    My sweet fella and I met on a blind date, and were married 2 weeks later.
    Coming up on our 42nd anniversary in December!!

    Yes, we had some rough years, but i am so glad we muddles through. We love , cherish, and respect each other more with every day we are together.
    The Lord really does heal the broken hearted, and fills us with all spiritual blessings.

    hugs and have a great day

    barbara jean

    Love your gift from June too!
    Congrats to Donna!

  11. Oh, what a lovely story, Cindy!! Rejoicing with you on the wonderful husband God blessed you with. Oh, and the gift from Junibears is lovely. She creates such beautiful art.

    I so agree with what you are saying about blogging and have, in fact, done a post about that very thing. Yes, you have to be cautious, as the internet is full of evil things and bad people, but, far and away, my experience has been only positive. I have developed some wonderful, wonderful friendships by being here...and my daughter has found bridesmaids for a future wedding through the godly, like-minded friendships she has built through blogging.

    The Bible says that "pleasant words are as honeycomb, sweet to the soul." When we leave kind, caring, encouraging comments for one another, we are, in fact, being sweet to their soul.

    Have a lovely day.


  12. What a wonderful modern fairy tale romance story, Cindy. I'm so glad that you were in tune with God so that He could bless you with this marriage.If you had not been listening, think of what you would have missed.

  13. Hi Cindy!
    That is such a cool picture! It was so nice of June to make that for you! How special!

    And thank you so much for linking to my video last week! I actually did see that you had posted the link, and I thought I thanked you... but since you didn't get it, Thank you!! I love that video! :)

    Thanks for linking to "Something Beautiful"!!

    Have a fabulous day!!

  14. Hi Cindy!
    I loved this post, You know I met Harvey on E-Harmony and today the 24th of August is our 4th anniversary.

  15. Hey Sweetie!!! It was GREAT to see your note this evening~~~ You are sooooo awesome Girlfriend!!!
    I'm getting ready to do up a post for Rednesday...its fun.. I am always trying to add in things to each post about our Sweet Lord and to do it in a way that isn't tooooo pushy...
    Then I think why can't I just be me,,,ya know.
    I sooooo love wonderful women like you that speak of Him and his truth to sooo many..
    Today I actually made a new design for our greeting card line,,,,there just isn't any Red in it so I won't be able to use it either..
    I do Pray your day has been well and wanted to let you know I was thinking of you ,,,Thanks for the note and for being You ~~~~Truly Inspiring!!!
    Blessings and Hugs Dena